Kanye West Said It Best: Work It Out

It’s Your Time, Maximize This Workout Wednesday

Again, I Realize Today Is Tuesday, Since I Cheated You In Mental Monday, I’m Ahead With Workout Wednesday

Let Me Make One Thing Clear, Before We Get Started, Workout Wednesday Is N O T About Me Providing You With A Get Thin Quick Remedy To The Body You Want. This Section Will Be Filled Will Real Life Experiences, Challenges And Goals Set To Be Broken (By Yours Truly), In The Journey Of Dropping Mental Weights To See Physical Results. This Is Your Chance To Indulge In A New You Mentally To Reap Results That You Can Be Proud Of Externally. Many Gained The Freshman “15,” I Gained The College 60. Yes, I Said Six Zero. I Moved From Illinois To Florida For An Internship And Was Depressed Mentally, I Had Financial Concerns And Couldn’t Remain At My Home School In Illinois. I Decided The Internship In Florida Would Be A Great Opportunity To “Clear My Mind.” In The Process, I Tainted My Mind And My Belly With Negative Thoughts And A Surplus Of Unhealthy Habits.

Summer Of 2013 I Embarked Upon A Health And Fitness Journey That I Will Easily Admit Was Very Difficult. This Journey Still Lives Within Me Today. I Weighed In At A Whopping 220 lbs (size 12/14, pushing a 16), July 2013. I Began Running Regularly And Signed Up For My First Walt Disney World Event, The Happy Haunted 5K (3.1 Total Miles, For You Prospective Runners). With The Race Being October 2013, I Knew I’d Have To Dedicate Extensive Time To Running Regularly. I Ran Twice A Day, At The Least, Three Times A Week. By Race Time, I Had Dropped Nearly 25 lbs And Was About A Size 10/12. Currently, I Will Be Honest In Saying I Am 183 lbs (size 8/10). Last Year, March 2014, I Was Roughly 167 lbs. At That Time, I Had Lost About 53 lbs. Currently, I Have Gained About 16 lbs. This Weight Gain Was A Physical Reflection Of Mental Weights, Shaping My Personal Value. I Went Through A Rough Season Of Change. Needless To Say, I Have A Goal Of Reaching 150 lbs, Just To M A S T E R The Feeling Of Accomplishment And To Train My Mind To Understand I Recognize Its Influence On My Health. My First Disney 5K Was Absolutely Amazing. Since, I Have Successfully Completed Two Half Marathons, One Ten Miler, A Walt Disney World Challenge (10K And Half Marathon In The Same Weekend) And A Variety Of 5K’s Across The Central Florida Scope.

Race 1 (2)

Currently, I Am Registered And Training For Two Long Distance Races: The Walt Disney World Marathon (26.2 Miles) Presented By Cigna And The Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side, Half Marathon (13.1 Miles). Hangout With Me For A Bit And Enjoy My Journey Of Health, Fitness And Amazing Recipes.

The Zero Calorie Food For Thought: Your Body Is A Reflection Of Your M I N D. Make Sure It’s Accurate To Yourself And The World.

Oxxo (Because…That’s Right Put In Work), LUV,Tay