Paralyze Your Thoughts: You Are In Control

First Mental Monday Posting

I Realize Today Is Tuesday, I Have Cheated You All. This Wasn’t “Intentional.”

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To Be Completely Honest, I Have Been Very Reluctant, Lazy And Downright Insecure About The Publishing Of This Blog. I Have Always Had An Idea In My Head Of Exactly How Everything NEEDS To Go. Because Of This, I’ve Often Missed Out On Opportunities, And Taken Advantage Of Seizing The Day. My Excuses, You Wonder? “Well…It’s Not The Right Timing.” The One I Often Use Is The Concept That “I Am Too Busy.”  I Need To Confess To You All, I Have Been Here Too Often. I Pick Up The Pen And Pad And Jot Down My Visions, My Hopes, Dreams And Aspirations. Inside, I Am Waiting For Them To Fall Through. That Alone Is Paralyzing My Growth.

Growing Up, And Recently, I Have Felt A Need To Be In Control. I Was Raised By A Single Mom Who Always Tried To Instill Healthy Values Of “Yes You Can,” And “Can’t” Was Never A Factor Of Our Household Vocabulary. She Made Certain I Had A Strong Relationship With God And Not Religion. More Often Than Not We’d Spend Countless Hours Up Past Bedtime Discussing My Desires And She Sowed Seeds Into Me That Anything I Wanted To Accomplish, I Would. I Joined Countless Activities And Sports Programs, Always Feeling Fulfilled. Currently, I’ll Admit, I Am Not Fulfilled In My Career. I Would Like To See It Flourish, And Mental Barriers Of Whether Or Not I’ll Find Another Position, Since “I Don’t Have My Degree, I’m Still In School, I Don’t Have A Variety Of Experience (In My Eyes, Others Might State Differently), I Am Fairly Young…” (The List Continues), They Have Penetrated My Mind, And Have Left Emptiness And Doubts Of Failure. Mental Mondays Are About Taking The Time To Reflect On The Thoughts That Are Infiltrating Your Mind. Are You Currently Allowing Negativity To Determine Your Response To The Wonderful Pleasures Of Life? Think About It.

This Is Only A Snippet Of The Many Mental Mondays To Come.

My B L O G – I Seek To Be Your Safe Haven Of Reading And Relating To A Girl, Young Adult, Daughter, Child Of God, Granddaughter, Friend And Girlfriend Who Dives Into The Journey Of Not Only Finding Herself But Finding Her Ultimate G I F T O F M A S T E R Y.  Let’s Build.

Paralyze YOUR Debilitating Thoughts, Or They Will Paralyze You. You Are In Control.

Oxxo (Because You Can Do Anything), LUV,Tay