Drowning: Swipe The Card Don’t Let The Card Swipe You

Welcome To Our Very First Financial Friday

So, This Is The First Post On The Actual, Designated Day 🙂


I Just Returned From A Disney Cruise. I Must Say It Was A Fantastic Visit To Cozumel, Mexico, Coupled With A Wonderful (First Dive Into The Ocean), Beach Experience On Disney’s Private Island, Castaway Cay. Many Dear Friends Know That I Have Been Waiting To Experience A Cruise, Let Alone, A Disney Cruise For A Long While. This Past July, I Went On A Cruise With My Grandmother To The Bahamas, That Was My First Cruise. It Was Phenomenal! One Thing Each Of These Experiences Had In Common…Friends, Kids And Stressed Out Parents. I Thought To Myself, “What Could Cause Anyone To Visit On Vacation And Be Stressed.” I Then Recalled My Surplus Of Credit Card Debt, Low Cash “Balance Available” In My Checking Account And The Countless Summaries On My Credit Report For My Newly Posted Student Loans I’d Been Approved For. I Instantly Realized That Even Vacation Cannot Stand On It’s Own Without Our Focus Being Redirected To The Many Financial Obligations We Will Have To Return To Once Our Fantasyland Journey is Over.

Unfortunately, I Have Found, While Coming Into Adulthood That Our World Was Designed To Escape The Rat Race As Many Call It, Of Debt And Financial Degradation. Why Do We Constantly Attempt To Play The Game Terribly? My Mom Often Reminds Me That Insanity Is Doing The Same Thing Several Times And Expecting A Different Outcome. I Am Notorious For This, And Plan To Take Control Of My Finances Once And For All.

Being Completely Transparent, I Have, In The Past Paid Down Several Of My Credit Cards, Entirely, Only To Rebuild The Debt. I have Come To One Conclusion, My Debt To Income Ratio Is Too Large. If You Are Finding Yourself In A Similar Situation, It May Be Time To Consider Asking For A Raise Or A New Career. The Purpose Of Financial Friday’s Is To Provide My Audience With The Opportunity To See How I’m Cutting Down On Debts, So Far, I Have Created a Financial Planning Check List (I Will Provide This In Weeks To Come), I Use It Monthly To Track Debt, I Am Researching Other Career Opportunities And I Have Modified My Cable And Internet Package To Only Provide Internet Access, Saving Me Nearly $35.00 A Month.

The Purpose Of Financial Friday’s Is To Encourage My Audience To Not Only Research The Methods I’m Using But To Also Tailor Your Financial Planning To A More Breathe Easy Lifestyle That Allots For A Wonderful Vacation Experience, Free Of Debilitating Thoughts About The Cable Bill Or The Electric Charges Next Month. I Will Provide Coupon Techniques, Methods I Learn Along The Way, Fun And Cost Effective Activities To Explore With Friends And Family, So You Don’t Break The Bank, As Well As Candid, “Oops I Did It Again,” Moments Of Mistakes And Habits To Shake. I Am Quite Certain This Journey Will Be Most Entertaining, So Put Down The Remote And Your Pocketbook To Tune In To Something Worth Listening To.

Point Of It All, M A S T E R Your Finances Don’t Let Them M A S T E R You. Take Charge, Be Organized And Have Appropriately Planned Fun.

Oxxo (Because You Don’t Need Plastic), LUV,Tay