Welcome To The First Selfie Sunday: Let’s Redefine Ourselves

Get Your Selfie Sunday On…

Self: Noun — The Evaluation By Oneself Of One’s Worth As An Individual In Distinction From One’s Interpersonal Or Social Roles.


Thank You Once Again For Reading. I Would Be Nothing Without My Supporters. <— Isn’t That Statement Interesting, Considering We Are Talking, “All Things Self.” I Have Determined, That I Am Someone With Or Without A Following, Although It Feels Really Nice To Have The Support Of Others, It’s Also Great To Have The Support Of Yourself, To Be Able To Persist Regardless Of Who Is Standing By Your Side. Selfie Sunday’s Are About That, Being Able To Become In Tune With Yourself To Understand Your Worth And Your Value. And I Am By No Means An Expert At Valuing Myself, But I Do Know What It Feels Like To No Longer Take Pride In Your Work, Relationships And Yourself.

Recently, I’ve Been Having Conversations With My Mom About Myself As An Individual And What I Want From Life. Through Speaking With Her I Realized That I Would Like To R E D E F I N E, Masterfully, The Me That I See. Our Conversation Let Me To Make A Statement About My High School Life, And How More Recently, My Decision To Stay With A Job That I Don’t Enjoy Because I Feel “I Have To,” Has Chipped Away At Me As A Person. I Broke Down To My Mom, Explaining That In High School I Felt A Sense Of Fulfillment That I Haven’t Been Able To Find Since. We Got To The Root Of This Undeniable Insecurity. I Have And Had A Need To Stay Active And Busy. To Many This Sounds Like A Great Quality. My Mom Explained That While This Is A Wonderful Aspect Of My Personality, It Can Be Dangerous. She Explained That She Will Always Support Me, However, My Activities, Social Status Or Job Title Shouldn’t Define Me. Defining Yourself By The Number Of Gold Stars On Your Vest, Can Often Become Tiresome. The Concept  That Our Careers Define Us, Shouldn’t Be A Concept At All. When You Take Off Your Uniform, Your Work Vest, Your Earpiece, Or When You God Forbid Lose Your Job…Who Are You Then?

If You Have To Think About My Previous Question, Then I Believe You Too Might Want To Join Me In Redefining Ourselves. This Weekend I Decided To Begin Writing In My Journal. This Alone Can Allow Us All To Place On Paper Our Feelings Of Angst, This Also Allows The Opportunity To Write What We Currently Feel Defines Us And How We Plan To Change It. I Also, Personally Plan, And Recommend You To Make An Attempt And Becoming Honest With Yourself. I Never Realized That I Have An Overwhelming Need To Change Others, And Because Of This, I Haven’t Been Able To Forgive Some Family Members. After You’ve Created Your Journal And Have Brought Yourself To Honesty, Make A Note Of Those Who Have Hurt You And Create A Plan Of Action (For Yourself And Your Relationships). A Dear Friend Of Mine Made Me Realize That Complaints Without Solutions Are Just Complaints. What Are You Going To Do About Those Who Have Hurt You? Create Your Plan Of Action So You Can Forgive And Move On. I Know For Me, With My Particular Family Member, I Am Going To Daily Remind Myself Of One Good Memory With Them, To Remind Myself That The Relationship Is Worth Holding On To.

And Not All Situations Will Be Savored, Some Might Have To Be Considered A Loss, But Allow Yourself To Create A Plan Of Action And Stick To It, Even If It Means Letting Someone Go. In Doing These Things, You Will Redefine The You, You See. Again, I Plan To Implement These Actions. The Last And Final Recommendation, At Least For Me – Get Uncomfortable. You Might Be Confused, But Taylor, You Said You Want Us To Grow Comfortable In Ourselves. The Only Way To Grow Comfortable In You, Internally, Is To Grow Externally Uncomfortable. Maybe You Join A Community Service Organization That You Normally Wouldn’t Join, Not To Define Yourself But To Make Yourself Uncomfortable If This Is Something You Wouldn’t Normally Do. I Spend A Lot Of Time Speaking And Spending Time With People, For Me, My “Getting Uncomfortable,” Will Be Spending Less Time Speaking And More Time Writing. By Doing This, I Will Allow Myself To Grow In Areas I Normally Wouldn’t. In Finding Myself, I have Found It So Important To Exercise Areas You Normally Wouldn’t – If You Don’t Read, Read. If You Aren’t Musically Inclined, Listen To Music. In Exercising Those Areas You’ll Grow An Inner Confidence That Won’t Be Defined By Nouns (People, Places Or Things). You Will Be Defined By You And You Alone.

India Arie Said It Best, “Sometimes I’m Alone But Never Lonely.” Exhaust Opportunities To Spend One On One Time With Yourself, Enjoy Yourself. 

Oxxo (Because We All Need A Private Party), LUV,Tay