Seasons Changing: Feelings Crazing

The Holiday’s And Your Emotions Are Just Around The Corner

“The Holiest Of Holidays Are Those Kept By Ourselves In Silence And Apart; The Secret Anniversaries Of The Heart.” – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Photo Credit – Mayo Clinic


So The Seasons Are Changing Around Us And While We Enjoy The Colors Of The Leaves And The Smell Of Fall, We Are Wondering Why We Are A Lot More Sensitive Than Usual. We Have All Heard Of The Pre-Holiday Season Sadness That Settles In But Have You Heard Of SAD? No, I Don’t Mean The Emotion, The Adjective Or The Momentary Feeling Of Grief. SAD, Seasonal Affective Disorder, Is Actually A Medical Term Used By Doctors Everywhere To Describe A Depression Related To The Changing Of Seasons. The Mayo Clinic Suggests That Many Individuals Experience This Overwhelming Feeling Of Emotions On A Bit Of A Schedule, Around The Same Time Each Year.

Now, I Am Not Saying That Your Current Emotions Are Attributed To The Changing Of The Seasons, Merely Raising Awareness On The Subject. Without Awareness, We Might Become Wrapped Up In A Slew Of Emotions, Not Understanding Why We Are Sad. Take This Upcoming Change Of Seasons To Reflect On Your Personal Life, This Mental Monday. The Concept Of Seasons Changing Isn’t Isolated To The Physical Atmosphere Around You. Reflect Upon Your Personal Life As You Approach The Holidays. Often, We Become Distracted By Our Emotions And Don’t Keep Our M E N T A L I T Y In Check. We Forget To Remind Ourselves That We Are Only Enduring A Season And That All Seasons, Even What We Deem “The Good Ones,” Come To An End. Remind Yourself, In Your Career, Relationships, Areas Of Improvement Within, That You Are Only Enduring A Season…The Season Always Comes To An End – But It’s Not About Waiting For The Storm To Be Over, As We All Know, It’s About…”Dancing In The Rain.” How Are You Mentally Going To Change Your Situation And This Holiday Season To Shape The Remainder Of YOUR Year?

Remember, You And You Alone Are In Control Of Your Mind And Your Thoughts. Although SAD Is A Legitimate Diagnosis, It Can, Like All Things Be Overcome. When We Approach Our Least Favorite Season What Do We Normally Do? Prepare. The Mayo Clinic Recommends Getting Outdoors, Exercising On A Consistent Basis And Creating A Brighter Environment.  So Why Can’t We Do The Same With Our Situations? Make A Conscious Decision To Be In Control Of Your Season. Whether It Is A Season Of Financial Instabilities Or A Season Of Sharing More. We All Have Our Seasons – Get Out There And Enjoy Watching The Seasons Change…Watch Y O U R Season Change, And Embrace It.

Don’t Ruin Your Life Over The Changing Of The Seasons And Seasonal Depression Setting In, All Seasons Come To An End.

Oxxo (Because Not Having A Kiss Under The Miseltoe Isn’t The End….), LUV,Tay

Check Out The Mayo Clinic’s Website For More Information Regarding SAD: