Why You Aren’t Allowed To Give Up: Lead A Dynamic Life

The Wake Up Call You Need


(Photo Above Is The Fortune Found Inside My Fortune Cookie The Other Night)

Before You Continue Reading, You Must Know That I Require Something In Return, After You Read This Post. If You Are Afraid Of That Expectation, Read No Further.

I Want You To Know That You Are No Longer Allowed To Give Up. Last Week I Introduced You To Selfie Sunday. I Disclosed Some Personal Skeletons In My Closet And Urged You To Stay Tuned, In Order For You To Feel Comfortable Embracing Your Skeletons As Well. I Want To Admit Something…I Have Battled Insecurities My Entire Life. Never Feeling Good Enough, But Carrying A Facade Of Being The Best, Never Feeling Smart Enough, But Seeking To Answer Questions In Class. The Point Is, Until More Recently I’d Never Allowed Myself To Embrace My Skeletons, And This Selfie Sunday, I Urge You To. Insecurities Often Lead To Fear. For Me, I Have Become Fearful Of Many Things, And I Have Been Reminded By Countless Loved Ones, To “Put It In God’s Hands, And Pray.” While I Agree, That Is Easier Said, Than Done.

I Received The Above Fortune From A Fortune Cookie, The Other Night. And While I Don’t Recommend Eating Chinese Food Or Any Fried Foods On A Regular Basis Or Late At Night, I’ll Say…I’m Glad I Did. “Strong Lives Are Motivated By Dynamic Purpose,” It Read. Wow. I Enjoy The Concept That Leading And Living A Strong Life Means Accepting And Embracing A Dynamic Purpose. A Life Where The Road To Your Purpose Will Constantly Change, A Life That Can’t Truly Handle Fear And Insecurity Because Fear And Insecurities Are Jealous Of Change. This S E L F I E Sunday, I Want You To Reflect On What It Is That’s Holding You Back. How Are You Allowing Fear To Deter You From YOUR Dynamic Purpose? I Instantly Realized That I’d Allowed Several Years Of Insecurity Draw Me Away From My Dynamic Purpose. I Now Understand That A Meaningful Life Doesn’t Mean Finding O N E Ultimate Purpose, O N E Consistent Purpose, Rather Seeking A Strong Life Filled With Dynamic Purpose.

I Would Like To Imagine That My Fortune The Other Night Was Trying To Encourage Me To See That Our Purpose Is Forever Changing And Once We Understand That God Is Taking Us Exactly Where We Need To Be, Then We Will Become Examples Of An Abundance Of Blessings And Lead A Strong And Meaningful Life. You Might Feel That Your Purpose Is To Teach, But Maybe Your Strong Dynamic Life Lies In Teaching In The Classroom This Year, And Next Year In Africa. I Strongly Urge You All To Pursue Not Just Any Old Purpose, But Your Divine And Dynamic Purpose. We Must Create A Faith Based Foundation Of Purpose That Can’t Be Shaken By Fear, Anxiety Or Insecurity. I Expect Nothing But Dynamic Purposes Of You All, Promise Me You’ll Do It For God, Yourself, Your Families And Future Generations To Come. Why Live In Purpose When You Can Live On Purpose IN A Dynamic (Ever-Changing) Purpose? In His Will.

What To Do When You’re Feeling Blue – 5 Quick Steps To Lifting Those Negative Feelings:

1. Create A List: Prior To The Start Of Your New Journey Toward Your Dynamic Purpose. Everytime You’re Feeling Blue Review The List And Remind Yourself The Reasons Why You Are Pursuing Your Dynamic Purpose.

2. Get Your Mantra On: Determine The Encouraging Words That Get You Movin’ And Groovin’. Sowing Positive Words Into Yourself Can Help You Through The Most Difficult Moments Of Self Doubt.

3. Freak Out: YES! I Said It! Freak Out, Cry It All Out In The Comfort Of Your Home, Let Loose. Many Individuals (Even Myself) Feel More Consumed By Fear From Not Having An Outlet, So Let The Drama Out. Don’t Allow It To Consume You Any Longer. Release The Negativity.

4. Choose (Affirmations): Wake Yourself Up Each Day With A “Chosen Affirmation.” This Affirmation Can Be The Same One Daily Or Can Change Daily. Take The Moment That You Open Your Eyes To State One Thing You Are Thankful For And One Thing You WILL Accomplish. Make This Apart Of Your Morning Regimen And Stick To It!

4. Determine Your Circle: Who Are You Spending Your Time With. This One Is Easy…Find Others Seeking Their Dynamic Purpose. Find Individuals That Are Seeking To Not Only Serve Their Purpose, But They Are Open To Change And Are Tenacious. Trust Me, When You Are Ready To Give Up, You’ll Need Someone In Your Corner That Will Push You.

Lead A Dynamic Life, Embrace Purpose, Faith And Possibility.

Oxxo (Because You Don’t Need Fortune Cookies To Inspire You, You Only Need F A I T H), LUV,Tay