Make Joy A Priority: Be In The Drivers Seat Of Your Joy

Finding A Way To Incorporate Joy During The Most Difficult Times

“There Is Little Success Where There Is Little Laughter” -Andrew Carnegie

This Past Weekend I Had The Chance To Explore The Walt Disney World Resort With A Dear Friend From An Internship Years Ago. This Friend Visited With My God-Daughter And While It Was An Amazing Weekend, It Also Put A Lot Into Perspective. I Walked Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park And Had The Chance To Truly Reflect On My Life. My Career, My Relationships And My Overall Happiness. I Realized That I’ve Been Going Through The Motions Without Making T R U E Changes On The Things I Complain About. I’ve Been Complaining That I Hate My Job, And Yet I Am Not Making Any Conscious Efforts To Do Something More, To Apply For Better Positions With Better Benefits. Same For Relationships, I Ask For Mutual Respect, I Told Myself I Would Become A Better Listener, Become More Well-Balanced And Not Allow Anything To Modify My Mood OR My Temper. I Was Very Short Tempered This Weekend. The Chance To Reflect And Look Around At Families Who Seemed So Unhappy At The Happiest Place On Earth Made Me Realize That I A M Always In Control Of My Own Happiness.

Gia And I.jpg

(Myself With My Lovely Little God-Daughter)

We Create A False Sense Of Belief That Others Steal Our Joy,Make Us MadAnd Keep Us From Our Overall Happiness. I Saw This More Real Than Ever While In The Park With Families Who Should’ve Been Beyond Grateful To Experience The Magic Of Walt Disney World. We Focus On Maintaining Situation Based Happiness. But Do We Focus On Creating A Joy. As Kirk Franklin Says, “I Want You To Have Joy, Cuz Can’t Nobody Take That From You.” Are We Living A Life, JOY BASED? Or Are We Allowing Other People, Places And Things Determine When We Are Happy? Again, Be In The Driver’s Seat Of Your Life.

While Driving Home From Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park, The Other Day, I Passed A Cute Little SUV, You’ll See The Photo Below. This Particular Family Obviously Enjoy The Fall Season, And Wanted To Make Certain To Bring Joy To The Driver’s Behind Them. I Have Placed A “NO” Over Their License Plate For Privacy, But Please See The Right Corner, There Is a HAND Falling Out Of The Back Of Their Truck.

Funny Blog Photo.jpg

I’ve Found That In The Most Trying Times, Laughter Can Turn Everything Around. Our Will To Push Forward And Find Things To Be Happy, Grateful And Laugh About Creates A Harvest Of Joy. Being Mentally Free, Is Choosing Happiness. In The Dark Moments, In The Secret Moments Of Insecurity And In The Moments That You Cannot Control. I Guess It Becomes A Fake It Until You Make It Mentality. The More We Strive For A Foundation Of Joy Based Emotions, Mentality And Relationships, The Better We Will Be Blessed With Situations To Be Happy About. To Leave You With Something Worth Thinking About, I Know Personally, When I Am Able To Provide Someone Else With Something To Be Happy About, I Generally Find Myself More Fulfilled. While This May Not Always Work In Your Relationships, Sometimes It Takes Simply Buying A Stranger Behind You Their Meal At The Drive Through. That Way, You Can Feel Fulfilled And Not Have To Worry About After Effects Of Doing Something Nice, Directly. We See It, Sometimes You Buy Something For Someone To Be Nice, Then They Always Feel The Need To Repay You. Purchasing Something For A Stranger Allows Two Things. The First, You Don’t Know Them, So They Can’t Repay You (Hopefully Your Friendliness Does Sow The Seed For Them To Want To Bless Someone Else). Second, You Might Not Get A Thank You. Choosing To Do Something, Without A Thank You Builds Character And Once Again Allows A Positive End Of Day Reflection. Just Some Mental Monday Food For Thought.

As You Move Forward With Your Week, Remember That You Are Mentally In Control Of Your Life And Your Joy. In Comes From Within. While You Are Exploring Your Joyous Life, Try Spreading Some To Those You Love And The Stranger In The Grocery Store. We Might Just Create A Never-Ending Cycle Of Joyous Seeds Being Sown Into One Another.

Remember, Today Ends At 11:59. Begin Each Day With New Expectations, New Outlooks And A Long List Of The Ways You Can Find Joy For Yourself And Others, Even In The Darkest Of Times.

Oxxo (Because Joy Makes All Things New), LUV,Tay