OMG, I Ran Into Me: How To Survive Any Running Injury

Five Ways You Can Avoid Running Injury…

So I Hurt Myself.

Remember When I Told You That I’d Gotten Behind On My Health And Fitness Journey??

Well, I Tried. A Few Weeks Ago I’d Officially Decided To Train Dirty. I Found A 16-Week Training Plan For A Marathon On Pinterest, I Have Listed The Plan Below. My Original Plan Was To Complete This Training 32 Weeks Ago And Redo The Training Plan Again, The Second Time…Increasing My Endurance And My Speed. But I Had Too Much Going On And Was Unable To Fully Commit Myself To My Goals And My Plans.

Hurt Anklle.jpg

Now, I Still Have A Lot Going On, But About Three Weeks Ago I Was So Sure I’d Begin Training And I Was Beyond Excited To Begin. I Went Out And Ran Hard. The Runs Were Smooth Experiences And I Was Beyond Motivated To Commit. Three Days After I Began, I Hurt My Ankle And Bad. I Always Had Challenges With My Ankles From Playing Tennis But I’d Never Experienced Anything So Painful Before. Just When I Was Ready To Commit, My Ankle Wasn’t. I Missed Five Days Of Work As I Could Barely Walk. I Went To The Doctor On Two Separate Occassions And After Continuous Icing Of My Ankle And One Full X-Ray…I Had My Results. Nothing Too Life-Threatening, However, I Found That I’d Had A Fracture Previously That Potentially Never Truly Healed Correctly. This News Coupled With The Nurse’s Comments Of Fact That My “Ankle Didn’t Look Like A Young Person’s Ankle,” Made Me Realize That I Never Truly Cared About The Impact Of Activity.

Also I’d Like To Remind You Of That Cruise I Mentioned In One Of My Previous Posts…. Well, That Was A Week After My Injury. I Originally Aimed To Lose A Few Pounds Prior To The Cruise. I Could Barely Move. I Continuously Asked Myself, “Why, Why Do Unfortunate Experiences Occur When We Are Finally Dedicated, Why Do We Experience The Road Blocks?” For Me, Through My Experience, I Gained So Much Knowledge.

training schedule - I really want to run a marathon!:

1. Be Dedicated – Imagine That Your Workout/Training Plan Is Just As important As Eating, Sleeping And Breathing. If You Can’t Go A Day Without Eating, You Shouldn’t Be Able To Skip Your Workout.

2. When You Suck, Don’t Push Too Hard – If You Haven’t Kept Up With Being Dedicated, Don’t Punish Yourself By Overworking Your Body, It Will Only Lead To Injury, And You’ll Lose Out On Valuable Time.

3. Take Care Of Yourself – Self Care Is The Ultimate Priority When You Are Beginning Or Completing Any Training Plan. You Must Take Time To Not Only Rest Your Body, But To Praise Yourself For Your Hard Work. Take The Time To Get A Pedicure, Get Your Hair Cut And Keep Yourself Presentable…It Has An Impact On Your Growth And Self Confidence.

4. Keep An Open Mind – Allow Yourself To Change Your Mind. Be Dedicated, But Never Trap Yourself Into A Workout Plan That Bores You. It Makes It More Difficult To Fully Commit.

5. Leave The “Help Me” Door Open – When In Doubt, Ask For Help. If Your Body Is Feeling Worn Out, Ask For Help. There Are People Who Love You And I’m Quite Certain Individuals You Can Pay With Pizza, To Come And Take Care Of The Things You Need To Be Done While You Rest Your Body.

To Be Completely Honest, It Has Taken Me Nearly Three Weeks To Recover. And To Be Even More Transparent I Am Scared To Run Again, I Never Want To Experience That Pain Again. I Am Now Starting My Modified Training Program For My Marathon And Honestly, It Terrifies Me. But I Can’t Allow Fear To Drive My Results. My Original Goal Was To Finish The Marathon In 5 Hours And 30 Minutes Or Less. Now, My Primary Goal Is To Complete The Race. Often, Road Blocks Occur When We Feel We Are Finally Ready, So We Rush, Instead Of Embracing The Road Blocks As Our Ultimate Protectors.

The Most Important Thing Is That We Take Our Time And Run Our Race. Seeing The Results We Want Can Only Come Through Dedication Day In And Day Out. 

Oxxo (Because Injury Doesn’t Have To Mean Misery), LUV,Tay