Emotional Spending: Why You Must Hide The Plastic

Learn To Control Your (Emotion-Based) Spending 

Retail Therapy: Noun – Shopping To Make Oneself Feel Happier

Let Me Introduce You To My Dear Friend…Drunk Spending. I Know You’ve Seen This Friend Before, She Usually Comes Around When You Are Feeling Down. She Most Definitely Makes An Appearance When You Are Celebrating A Special Occasion And She Always Finds Her Way Into Your Thoughts When You Are Bored. She Can Be A Bit Of A Nag, Especially When You Evaluate Your Financial Situation And Realize You Can No Longer Afford The Relationship Pressures She Places On You. Getting Down And Honest, I Had To Call Her Up This Weekend After A Stressful Two Weeks. With An Influx Of Homework And Responsibilities I Let Her Know That I Would Need Her More Than Ever, And When I Say Our Friendship Is Mutual, She Is Always There. There To Coax Me Into Spending Just A Little Bit More, Since…Well, THE ENTIRE STORE IS ON SALE, We All Know That There Are Some Friends Who We Cannot Keep In Our Lives. I Have To Break The Relationship Bond Between Myself And Spending. Being Emotionally Out Of Touch Isn’t An Excuse For Overspending.


Now Let’s Discuss The Infamous Store Crawling. It Can Become Very Easy To Continue Purchasing Items, Once We Make One Emotion-Based Spending Decision, As We Never Feel Completely Fulfilled. We Have To Push The Limit. This Need To Purchase Items That We Do Not Necessarily Need, To Soothe Our Emotions Eventually Leads To Self-Loathing. We Ask Ourselves WHY We Are So Insecure And Question Our Need To Remain Intoxicated With Our Dear Friend, “Drunk Spending,” Often Leading To A Feeling Of Regret. I A M G U I L T Y. I Must Confess To You All, This Weekend I Store Crawled. And It Only Ended At A Physical Store. I Began My Store Crawl In My Living Room As I Cried About What A Rough Week I Experienced. A Friend From Work Allowed Me To Try A Few Bottles Of Her Julep Nail Polish (I Will Showcase That Further Later), Anyway, I Decided To Go Online After Trying The Nail Polish And Place An Order. I Ended Up Finding An Online Coupon Code For A Fantabulous Color. I Was Momentarily Happy. Then It Sunk In That Although The Nail Polish Is Of Great Quality, I’d Spent 11 Bucks On Nail Polish, Without Even Considering If I Actually Needed It. My Emotions Got The Best Of Me. I Couldn’t Stop There With The Short-Term Gratification, I Needed More. So, I Decided To Visit Old Navy And Convince Myself That I Truly Needed More Clothing And Jewelry For Work And Leisure Life. While There May Have Been Some Truth To Me Needing More Items To Dress Appropriately, I Didn’t Take Into Account The Specific Items I Needed And My Budget. I Will Say I Used A $30 Off Coupon On My Total Purchase Of About $150.00.

I Left Old Navy Feeling Momentarily Refreshed…But Then Came…The Hangover Effect. This Is The Moment Where You Look At Your Bank Statement And Wonder If You Were Roofied Into Spending So Much So Fast. I Had A Fellow Co-Worker Of Mine Explain This As Her Personal Experience At Target, She Eloquently Stated That She’d Felt She “Blacked Out.” We Nearly Have An Out Of Body Experience, As We Allow Our Emotions To Take Over – When We Wake, We Are Drowning In A Slew Of Regret, Similar To Us Eating Our Emotions. Our Need To Experience Retail Therapy Further Perpetuates Our Desire To Define Ourselves By Something Outside Of Ourselves. We Must Do Inside Work. Peace In All Situations Doesn’t Come From An Outside Source, But Through Internal Reflection.

You Are Never Defined By The Items In Your Shopping Cart, Rather The Emotional Security In Your Heart.

Oxxo (Because You Never Want To Embrace Buyer’s Remorse), LUV,Tay