Meal Prep For Dummies: Why Dining At Home Can Save Your Life

Meal Prep For Beginners, And Boy Am I A Beginner

Recently, I Made The Decision To Do Something Absolutely Insane. When I Say This Decision Was Crazy, I Truly Outdid Myself. The Decision Would Create A New Foundation For All Generations To Come.  I Meal Prepped. Of Course, I Had To Make This Something Extremely Dramatic. But In All Seriousness, My Decision To Finally Meal Prep Was A Huge Task. I Had Been Putting This Off For Some Time, And I Finally Decided That In Order To See The Results I Want, I Have To Do Something I Have Never Done.


So, I Have Now Joined The Meal Prep Party Bus. I Truly Am A Beginner, I Currently Create The Basics; Fruit Mixes, Pasta Bowls And A TON Of Chicken Breast. The Photos You See Above Are Images Of Two Separate Dinners Created In My Very Own Kitchen. The Photo On The Left Is My Dinner Created, Last Week, Wednesday – A Baked 4oz. Piece Of Chicken Breast Along With Stove-Top Cooked Canned Corn And Green Beans. As For The Pasta, I Created The Pasta Using Penne Pasta Cooked Al Dente, Then Prepared In A Pan Like The Photo On The Right, After Being Strained. I Generally Have Found 1 Tbspn. Of Olive Oil To Be One Of My Dearest Friends When Seeking To Make Any Pasta Taste Gourmet. So I Generally Use 1 Tbspn. Of Pesto Sauce, Olive Oil And A Few Of My Favorite Seasonings; Garlic Salt, Basil, Pepper And Parsley. I Gently Sprinkle My Creation With Parmesan Cheese.  The Photo On The Right, Captures The Same Kind Of Pasta, This Time, I Served The Pasta As A Smaller Serving For Lunch. I Added Spinach To Fill My Belly. I Know Many Of You Might Be Wondering What The Exact Recipes Are For These Dishes, Simple…Your Favorite Seasonings Coupled With Your Choices Of Meats And Vegetables. This Was Legitimately My First Time Truly Setting Time Aside To Prep My Meals For The Week Along With The Serving Size Of Fruit, Per Day That I Wanted To Consume.

By Failing To Prepare, You Are Preparing To Fail. – Benjamin Franklin

Before You Continue Reading, Please Take My Poll. I Would Like To See How Many Of You Have Already Begun, Considered Or Given Up On The Concept Of Meal Prepping. As You Can See, I’m No Expert. But I Have Put Together The Following 3 Easy Tips That I’ve Learned Throughout My Journey Thus Far.

1. Don’t Be Afraid To Shop Around: You May Not Always Find The Best Deals On Fresh Fruits And Veggies, Take The Time To Research And Shop Around. Talk To Friends And Family Members About Local Grocery Locations With Wonderful Deals On Organic Fruits And Veggies. Remember, Eating Clean Can Be Expensive, So Invest Time Into Researching Cost-Effective Products.

2. Time: I Said In My Previous “Tip,” To Take The Time To Shop Around. This Is The Most Discouraging Aspect Of Meal Prep…Time. It Costs Us A Lost Of Time, Prepping All Of The Meals And Snacks We Plan To Indulge In Throughout The Week. Do Not Allow This To Deter You From The Task At Hand. Think About The Drive-Thru Time You’ll Bypass, Along With The Money You Are Saving, From Eating Poor Quality Food. Research A Variety Of Meals As Well, Once Again, It Will Take Time, But It Generally Will Open The Door For Creative Juices To Flow, So Even If You Don’t Decide To Recreate Someone Else’s Creation, You Might Just Tweak Theirs And Create Your Own.

3. Realize, Manage And Commit: Wake Up! Realize That This Is Your Health You Are Investing In. Don’t You FEEL Worthy Enough To Invest In YOU? You Deserve Healthy Meals And You Deserve A Healthy Life. Manage Your Time, Find A Day And Time Each Week That You Will Shop For Grocery Items, Add It To Your Calendar And STICK TO IT. With This, Also Create And Maintain A Set Time To Prep Your Meals. Invest The Time Into Yourself And Watch Your Overall Health And Health Consciousness Grow.

Your Health Should Be Just As Important As Breathing, Eating And Sleeping.

Oxxo (Because You Make Time For What You Want To Make Time For), LUV,Tay