Poshmark: The Clothes That Keep On Clothing

This Financial Friday, Rid Yourself Of Old Clothing Items And Allow Them To Make YOU Money


To Get Rich, You Have To Be Making Money While You’re Asleep.

-David Bailey

Many Of You Choose To Live In An Oblivious Bubble. For The Longest Time, I Chose To Live In The Same Bubble. You Know, The One Where You Complain About Your Financial Situation, Beat Yourself Up About Your Spending And Then Make A Conscious Decision To Repeat Your Bad Habits Week After Week. I Have Mentioned In Previous Posts That I Work In An Office And Often Find Myself Running Out Of Clothing. I Grow Sick And Tired Of Wearing The Same Things Over And Over Again. But I Also Don’t Have The Means To Dress Like I’m Kim K. A Friend Of Mine Recently (And By Recently I Mean Four Months Ago) Told Me About The Website And Phone Application Called, Poshmark. She’d Mentioned Literally Making A Profit Of Over $800.00, Direct Deposited Into Her Account, In A Matter Of A Couple Of Weeks. I Was Reluctant At First, And Didn’t Invest The Time Into Creating My Online Boutique Like She Did, However, I Figured I’d Give It A Try And Have Reaped Wonderful Benefits, I’d Like To Share My Journey And The Process With You, Briefly.

First: This Isn’t A Get Rich Quick Gimmick, It Is A Get Rid Of Your Old Clothing, Fast, Gimmick. Please Know That You May Not See Results As Fast As You’d Like. So, Poshmark Is An Avenue Of Creating Your Own Personal Boutique Where You Can Post Your Fashionable Merchandise Items And Sell Them At A Rate Reasonable For You And Your Followers. Similar To Facebook You Create An Account, Send Invites And Build Your Brand. You Then Create Postings Of Items You Intend To Sell, Whether An Old Pair Of High Heels You Never Wore Or Earrings You’ve Worn On Thirty Separate Occasions, But They Are In Great Condition And You Are Simply Over Them. All Ages And Sizes Are Welcome And It Is Essentially An Online Shopping, Selling And Networking Community. Some Individuals Are Simply On The Application To Find Their Best Deal On An Item They Generally Would Pay Full Price For In Stores. The Demographics, From What I’ve Seen Thus Far Is A Wide Range Of Women, From High School Aged Girls To Grandmothers (Mine Specifically Now Uses It And She Recently Just Made Her First Sale…YAY Grandma)!

Second, Tasks As A Posher: Please Know, Becoming A Legitimate Posher Doesn’t Require MUCH Work, But It Does Require Some. So, You’ve Posted Images, Descriptions And Your Price You’d Like To Charge For Your Item, What’s Next? Well.. You Have To Keep Up With Your Following. When Someone Comments On An Item, I Generally Seek To Reply As Immediate As Possible. Treat Your Online Merchandise, Just As Important As Your Real Life Obligations And Flows Of Income. Never Take Your Boutique For Granted. I Make It A Point To Post Photos Of The Front, Back And Sides Of Each Item, Listing Whether Or Not It Is New, Fairly New Or Very Old In Great Condition. Also, One Thing I’ve Realized And I Am Still Currently Figuring Out Is The Following Process, As I Generally Don’t Keep Up With Following Other Poshers, After They’ve Followed Me. Make It A Priority To Build A Strong Following, Like Anything, They Will Support You When You Least Expect It.


Third, Consider The Profit: So Far, I have Made A Total Of $64.00, And What Have I Truly Done? The Process Is So Simple. You Post Photos, Other Poshers Find Your Items And Purchase Them Securely Through The Poshmark Application, You Then Print The Prepaid Label That Poshmark Loads Directly To The App, Package The Item With The Label And Drop It Off At Your Local USPS Office. Once The Individual Receives The Item, It Goes Into Review And You Make Your Money, Direct Deposited Into Your Bank Account. The Shopper Then Reviews The Item You’ve Provided. Currently I Have A Ranking Of 4.8 Stars, 5 Listings Sold And 14 Listed Items Of Merchandise.  I Truly Haven’t Done Much To Earn My $64.00 Beside Enjoy My Clothing And Allow Them To Clothe Someone Else. Above, I Have Attached An Image From The App Itself Outlining Their “Guide” To Poshmark. I Strongly Urge You All To Try The App, You Won’t Be Disappointed, And If You Are, Share Your Story With Me. I’d Love To Hear Your Thoughts. Also, Once You Get Started Checkout My Poshmark Boutique @Tay26

Please Post In The Comments Below Any Websites Or Applications Similar To Poshmark And Describe Your Experience Using Them. Please Also Follow My Blog, For The Most Up To Date Postings. I Appreciate Your Support.

Oxxo (Because You Own Too Many Clothes Anyway), LUV,Tay