What You All Were Waiting For: I Need Your Help

Well, Mental Monday Is Over… Welcome To “Tell Me” Tuesday

 So. I Need Your Help. All Of You. Friends And Foes Alike.

H E L L O. L O V E S

Ah, Tell Me

Help Others Achieve Their Dreams And You Will Achieve Yours. – Les Brown

Many Of You Have Provided Feedback Regarding My Blog, Please Know This Post Will Be Very Short. I Simply Wanted To Check in With You All And Find Out What  Y O U Are Thinking. So Far, Majority Of The Feedback I Have Received Has Been Positive. There Is One Thing…Capitalization. Many Of You Have Expressed Concerns With The Way I Capitalize Each First Letter Of Every Word. While I Know It Is Easily Able To Be Read By Myself And Near And Dear Friends, I Have Received Feedback That It Is Something I Should Consider Changing. I’ve Received Facebook Messages, With Wonderful Comments, Expressing The Ways My Blog Has Helped Certain Individuals, But Many Have Brought To My Attention That The Capitalization Makes It Very Difficult To Read And Comprehend The Conventions Of My Ideas.

Those Who Know Me, Know That I Generally Do Not Care, Even In The Slightest Bit, About Feedback. I Usually Dance, Laugh And Sing To The Beat Of My Own Drum. Here Is Your Chance To Share Your Feedback Regarding My Blog, And Watch History Be Made. I Care About My Audience And I Want To Hear From Y O U. Please Share Your Thoughts On The Gift Of Mastery And The Presentation Of My Thoughts, While Utilizing Capitalization. Take The Poll In This Post, Comment, Dance Using Only One Leg, While Sending A Video Of Your Thoughts To Me, You Know, Whatever You’ve Got To Do… I Need Your Input, NOW. Please Know I Will Be Taking The Ideas Into Consideration And The Best Votes Will Determine Any Changes Made Moving Forward.

May Your Week Be Filled With The Unnecessary Always.

Oxxo (Because I Need My Fans’ Advice), LUV,Tay

Thanks For Taking My Poll.

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