Follow Up Posting: There Was That Cute Countdown Widget…What Happened?

 It’s A Wonderful Thing When You Become Okay With Saying, “I’ll Do It Next Time…”

Many of you are wondering what happened to the countdown on the right side of the page. A few months ago I became very serious about preparing myself for my first full marathon. As soon as I began my training I suffered from a very severe ankle injury. Many of you read the article, if you didn’t check it out here: OMG, I Ran Into Me: How To Survive Any Running Injury. After attempting to even walk and being told to “take it easy,” I decided that I should hold off on running and once the deferral window opened, I would defer to the 2017 Walt Disney World Marathon. Some might not know, and I hadn’t until this point, but when you defer for a Walt Disney World race it’s almost as difficult as registering for a race. The company provides only a select number of deferrals to their Guests so it’s essentially first come, first serve.

Run Forrest.jpg

Great News! I was able to defer. However, as the race came closer, my ankle healed, I began running a bit here and there and being the “Taylor” that I am, I couldn’t resist the urge to want to write to the RunDisney organization making a plea to allow me to run for the marathon. I didn’t even want them to return my money to defer, yes…they make you pay 55 additional dollars in order to simply defer the race. That’s a conversation for another time.  Anyway, I was able to be approved for the deferral and yet, I felt the most immense sensation to try to run the race, ill-prepared. I chatted with my family, boyfriend and a few dear friends. They all recommended I accept my choice to defer and use the time wisely to get back, truly in shape. I have started running again and I am very excited to say that I have a race coming up this spring, the Star Wars Half Marathon – The Dark Side. I recently saw Star Wars’ newest film, I’d never seen any of the originals but LOVED the film so I am excited, more than ever, to experience the Star Wars themed half marathon. I know you’re wondering why I ever signed up for a race, unfamiliar of the actual theming, since I’d never seen the movies. Well, this is the newest race Walt Disney has offered and I wanted to become an inaugural runner for at least one race. The race weekend will feature the half marathon, a Star Wars 10K, Star Wars 5K and the Dark Side Challenge (registration for both the Star Wars Half Marathon along with registration for the Star Wars 10K). This particular weekend seems to be completely sold out for all races, but please check out the RunDisney website for more races to come, I’d love to see you there!

It might seem silly, but I’m truly looking forward to this race weekend. I have developed a new love for running and knowing I have deferred my Walt Disney World Marathon registration to 2017 and I have an opportunity to sign up for a brand spankin’ new RunDisney race weekend is wonderful. The journey was extremely disappointing but I learned so much about myself. Remember not to be too hard on yourself, but maintain good health. One of the main reasons I feel I was unable to participate in the marathon weekend was my unwillingness to visit the doctor during previous injuries and take care of my ankle. Make your health your number one priority. I never want to be in a position where I have to decline/adjust an event I’m looking forward to, because of health concerns.

If you can control it, jump in the driver seat of your own life and health. Create the life you want.

Happy Workout Wednesday!

 Oxxo (Because I Had To Provide You With A Follow Up Post On My Journey),LUV,Tay