Caught Up: Focusing On What Really Matters 

“It’s Not What Happens To You But How You React To It That Matters.” -Epictetus 

One thing I’ve realized as I’ve grown up and through several conversations with various individuals is that all people feel. Even those who pretend and try hard not to focus on their feelings, feel. Life can become extremely tiresome and unfair but only if we allow it to.

 Today is Selfie Sunday as many of you know and I can’t resist requesting you, my readers, to reflect on a time “something bad happened to you.” When you think of this moment, how did you reflect on it, before acting, back then? Did you reflect at all? I often find myself simply acting and never reflecting. There have been many moments that I have felt it was the end of the world, that I had something worth fighting over in an argument with a loved one, but I never focused on what was worth fighting forSometimes, we grow wrapped up in the drama of what’s happened to us and how unfair it is that we don’t fight for what’s truly important – our ultimate happiness. I’ve found it so hard to forgive others, in the past, because of what they did to me and how it made me so insecure, that I’ve willingly sacrificed my internal and external happiness.

I don’t want the same for you. 

I challenge you, this Selfie Sunday, to watch the below video on a boy who didn’t focus on what happened to him but made a choice to accept the unfair predicaments of life and still choose happiness. I hope this video inspires you to love hard, fight for your dreams and never waste another moment of your destiny. What will you leave behind to inspire others? After you watch the video please feel free to comment your thoughts about life, love and forgiveness.

RIP Zach Sobiech and thank you for your inspiring life.

I wish you all a wonderful Selfie Sunday and beautiful week ahead. You determine the successes or failures of your week and your life. 

 Oxxo (Because You Deserve The Life You Truly Want),LUV,Tay