Unwavering Accountability: A Constant Choice Toward The Life You Deserve

It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.” – Mahatma Gandhi

A C C O U N T A B I L I T Y . 

Last week, we dove head first into the impressive resource of MyFitnessPal in my post, MY FITNESS PAL: THE CATALYST TO ACHIEVING YOUR GOALS! this week I’d like you to wholeheartedly apply these teachings (even if you don’t utilize the application) toward the concept of accountability. Although it may have seemed that my post was available to market the use of MFP, I truly wanted my audience to understand the importance of holding yourself accountable in overall goal achievement and mastery. In order to master an area of your life, you must continuously choose to practice and visualize yourself succeeding. Workout Wednesday is an opportunity for me to provide insight on wonderful products I’m using, keep you informed on my life and my health journey and most importantly provide you with useful information that you can apply in your journey, to master and exceed your expectations. 


-Enmanuel Sanchez

To be honest, I always enjoy an opportunity to pat myself on the back while tooting my own horn. It doesn’t quite come from a place of pride as many might say, rather the overwhelming feeling of knowing you did something wonderful and acknowledging your works. The first time I lost 50 pounds, and I’m on the journey now to loosing the 18 I put on along with an additional 20….I was so unbelievably happy! But I soon became comfortable, again, running into the arms of my familiar fast food chains and bags of Cheetos on demand. I then became nervous that I would gain all of the weight back and obsessed over my weight. In obsessing, I quickly found that my poor behavior was further perpetuated as I maintained a poor attitude about myself. The poorer my food and workout regimen became, the more I punished myself, mentally. I knew I didn’t have a balanced relationship with food and for so long, I was able to focus my attention on the positive results I’d created but never took the time to hold myself responsible for my negative choices after achieving my desired results. Why was it SO unbelievably easy for me to yell to the mountain tops that I’d lost such an immense amount of weight through hard work and dedication but so difficult for me to accept responsibility in having a poor relationship with food? Instead, I made a choice to tear myself down each time I made an unwise food decision. I would attack myself mentally for being so “weak.” Many of us think this is an act of accepting responsibility, but truly accepting responsibility for poor results is getting to the root of the issue and creating an action plan to achieve your goals. It’s one thing to say you realize you have a poor relationship with food and another when you do something to change it. This concept is the exact reason why I had to share this with you. In order to achieve your goals you have to be willing to take full and completely transparent responsibility for the results you achieve, good or bad. Here are a few steps I’ve learned in my journey and I hope they might assist in yours! 

Take Responsibility: I touched on this extensively in the previous paragraph. Realize that in order to move forward you must reflect on the past. Many of us skip this step as we feel reflection causes depression. Truly, it does the opposite. How can we understand or even know where we are trying to go without reflecting on where we’ve been? We will continuously make the same mistakes if we don’t reflect and come to terms with our decisions and TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for them, moving on to our newest journey.

Take Accountability: Also known as, taking control. Realize that you are in control of your health journey – the results you attain solely rely on your ability to first take control of your mind, thereafter, your body will follow. The body can’t do anything the mind doesn’t tell it to. Choosing to understand that your mentality will drive the results you want will make the process of saying NO to anything not outlined in your plan much easier. 

Take Time: Achieving your goals will take a bit of time. Understand that. I used to always make jokes about a magic pill.  I strongly hoped that someone somewhere would create one and I’d become the size I longed for, overnight. In accepting the time factor you will experience joy. The journey will provide a sense of peace and often you’ll find yourself celebrating the gems of positive and disappointing results – as you will have learned the truest concept of accepting the good, bad and indifferent. 

All Journey’s Rely on The Good And The Bad, What Will You Be Responsible For?

Oxxo (Because Peace Is Found In Responsbility And Accountability), LUV,Tay