Cutting Costs: What Can YOU Afford To Live Without?

“It’s Not The Money That Matters, It’s How You Use It That Determines It’s True Value.”

Happy Financial Friday!

As we begin to close out the first month of our new year, I wanted to reach out and first apologize for the lack of Financial Friday posts as I often experience challenges finding the right material. In speaking with several friends and family members about my insecurities with creating Financial Friday posts, I realized that too often we limit ourselves with belief that we need to do things a specific way in order for them to be deemed valuable. I am not a financial expert, guru, or pro – I am currently cleaning up my own debt. I had this idea that I would immediately clean up my debt and post on Financial Friday’s how amazing my debt cutting experience has been, I have decided to do just the opposite and not place unnecessary pressure on the posts I create.

My ultimate intention is to provide you with the simplest, everyday changes you can make in order to create life-long changes in your finances. I plan to teach you everything I know about all that I am learning. I hope this post on 5 Easy Tips To Save Money will encourage you to make small changes that can create huge gains in your pocket book! Also, if you find that there are topics you’d like me to cover in my blog posts, but haven’t quite seen these discussed yet, please feel free to comment and I’d be happy to touch on these topics, even if I’m not a complete expert. 

The Big Five Things You Can Cut Today:

  • Cut Cable: We live in an age where cable is truly only used for the news as television shows, movies and documentaries are all available at some point or another on Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Instant Video. I made a decision after continuous advice from my boyfriend to cut my cable and solely pay for an internet monthly plan. So currently I pay exactly $78.28 for internet. I utilize Netflix (not so much Hulu or Amazon Instant Video), and I take advantage of websites like CW and NBC who are willing to post the episodes on their website.
    • Total Monthly Savings: $17.00                                                                                                           Total Yearly Savings: $204.00
  • Self-Care:  One thing we all have in common is the desire to feel and look well put together. Since moving to Florida I have been in a continuous battle with managing my money and wanting to get my nails done every two weeks, like I did when I lived at home. Overtime, I have realized that it isn’t feasible or realistic to spend $60.00 every two weeks to get my nails, toe nails and sometimes eyebrows done. Making this change has saved me a significant amount of time, money and energy. I was recently gifted the best Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit from Walgreens to clean up my eyebrows on my own and I also practice taking care of my own nails and toe nails making a conscious effort to search for wonderful deals on nail polish and self-care products.                                                                                                                                                           
    • Total Monthly Savings: $60.00                                                                                                          Total Yearly Savings: $720.00
  • BOGO’s & Freezing: Now we get to discuss my favorite part of saving money, BOGO’s! Buy One Get One Deals. I had never been able to jump on the bandwagon before, but I am now willing to look at Ad’s, do my homework and freeze bagels! I recently discovered a Winn Dixie advertisement with several prices comparable to that of Walmart. Winn Dixie had several BOGO deals and I knew I’d be remiss to skip out on great deals! Before I arrived, I researched the online advertisement just to verify the deals were correct, created a rewards account, hopped in my car and drove to pick up; BOGO bagels, snacking crackers and a few other items. The one thing to keep in mind, you will have to shop around. Many times, you will find that purchasing milk is more expensive at a Winn Dixie than Walmart. The only way to save money is to legitimately shop around, takes time but well worth it.
  • Pet Plans: So…I must be honest, this one is very much in the works. I currently take my little Louie (my dog), to a fairly well-known pet hospital that offers several pet plans that provide services; dental cleaning, comprehensive appointments, yearly shots etc. They say this is completely covered but each time I take  him for an appointment, I often find myself spending more than I feel I should since I currently spend about $49.00 a month on his plan.  This month, my lovely pup’s plan will be due to renew and I have every intention of saving myself the 49.00 and pay as we go. Health insurance is one thing but I’ve found this plan still costs me money. I will soon begin shopping around for actual insurance plans for Louie. Think of ways you too can save with your pets!                                             
    •  Total Monthly Savings: $49.00                                                                                                              Total Yearly Savings: $588.00
  • Dollar Store Fun:  Many overlook the ridiculous amount of savings available at the Dollar Store because we’ve become a society so focused on name brand everything. I am not going to lie to you…my tissue, toothpaste, paper towels and bottled water cannot be touched – I will forever be proud of using my brands. However, there are wonderful items you can find at the Dollar Store that are extremely cost-effective.  I personally visit to purchase candy, kitchen items such as spatula’s, knives, cleaning products, decorations and art supplies. I often find myself losing track of time and saving my dimes. 

I hope to bring you more posts with tips and tricks of saving money and keeping your dollars where they belong, in your pocket

Oxxo (Because We All Desire Good Health And Wealth), LUV,Tay