Quick Fun Health Find: Weight Gurus Digital Scale

 “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn

So instead of my usual “motivational Workout Wednesday” post. I decided to provides a combination of motivation and product recommendation. In 2014, as many of you already know, I began m
Weight Gurus Scale 2.jpgy journey of health & fitness and became obsessed with purchasing new gear, technology and gadgets. At the early start of my journey and even now (sometimes), I weighed constantly. I now understand how unbelievably unhealthy, mentally this was as the scale can lie and we focus too much on weight. One of the best purchases I could have made, with my obsessive behavior, was the Weight Gurus Digital Body Fat Scale. Many of us, during our journey want to see the immediate results of our efforts and we live to see our scale number decrease. The wonderful perk of this scale for individuals with obsessive behavior and a tenacious attitude is the fact that it provides a body fat, muscle mass, body weight and water weight synopsis that I’ve found to be completely reliable and accurate. Now, instead of be obsessing on the two pounds I’ve seemed to gain overnight, the scale reminds me that those two pounds really could be me retaining water. So, I often find myself checking my daily water percentage and attributing some of my weight gain to that. Thereafter, I go and sweat it out at the gym and weigh again the next morning, seeing very different results. I’ve also read and have personally reaped the positive benefits of weighing yourself at the exact same time each day for accuracy. Yesterday, I went to the doctor and I was legitimately three pounds heavier than my morning weigh in, that same day. How could this be? I used to drive myself insane with these absurd questions, only to now realize that weight fluctuates and we all need to have healthy mindsets to not only focus on weight but the big picture

Product Review, Is This Me?

TBH – a product review wasn’t exactly written in the stars for my blog post this week. Then I realized, this “fun find” was one of the greatest blessings for me in my health journey. Instead of worrying about the two pounds lost or gained, I now focus on my BMI. I focus on my water percentage too as I know water percentages fluctuate based on water consumption. One of the other wonderful aspects of this scale is that you can electronically scan all of your data into the Weight Gurus app – if you have a mobile device with this kind of functionality, trust me you will find this most helpful. You simply step on the scale, it retrieves your data and like a bar code you scan and save. I still have my data from the summer of 2014 when I was running twice daily and putting in overtime at the gym. Looking back at this data is almost refreshing as it provides me with hope in today’s journey.

Whoa, You Said It Did What?

Weightless Option. So many of us have been using our grandmother’s scales for centuries, never thinking to upgrade our scales like we do our cellphones. Another perk I’ve found along the way is the option to have your app and the scale act as a weightless option. Meaning, there isn’t a digital number that will appear, providing you with your most up to date, “working toward my summer beach body” number, rather a +/- number to signify if you’ve lost or gained since your previous weigh in.

Yet again, a WIN for those of you who want to retrain your brain to stop focusing so darn much on that number an
Weight Gurus Scale.jpgd begin focusing on your progress internally and externally. You can also connect your FitBit or Apple Health accounts in order to continue tracking accurately – I don’t have either so this function goes unused. BTW – everything is Bluetooth operated which is very helpful, again I yell, convenience! Don’t forget, the app let’s you set goals for yourself, realistic goals and expectations and it’s very user-friendly.

Weight Gurus scale provides a new health experience, one less focused on weight and entirely focused on taking things one pound at a time. I wish you all the best in your health journey.

Oxxo (Because You Don’t Have To Be A Guru To Use A Gurus Scale), LUV,Tay