Here Again: Those “Dreaded” Mondays…

“You have to prepare physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to conquer any mountain.”
― Lailah Gifty Akita, Pearls of Wisdom: Great mind

Well, it is Monday again and this is our common denominator as a society, mentally. Monday’s arrive too soon and Friday’s take forever to make their presence known. We wait all week-long for the Friday “turn up” to grace us with its joy – lacking the realization that every day can be our “Friday,” filled with joy and a positive outlook.
Let’s change our minds! For many, the concept of beginning and ending each week with a positive attitude is far-fetched as we mentally prepare ourselves for the immense amount of work we’ve already created in our minds, waiting for us at our desk. Sunday nights, we prepare for the work week; we make our lunches, feed our children, walk the dog, prepare our outfits, enjoy Sunday dinners and pray that our week will go as planned, since we know we have a lot going on! Funniest trending theme? We don’t even know the level of work there is to do, we just assume and mentally prepare for the worst possible outcome. Trust me, I do it too. I am not trying to deter you from mental preparedness, I just want you to see that the problem comes in when we make a conscious decision to assume the worst and dread it, before it happens. If we decide that we will accept whatever the day brings, good or bad, with a positive response – we will always set ourselves up for success. In turn, we will find that we are able to respond positively, even in the most disappointing circumstances. How many times has your morning gotten off to a terrible start because you created it to be that way?Napping Tomorrow.jpg

How many moments could you have waken up just a tad earlier so you wouldn’t have to rush and set your day up to be one of fluster and distress? And trust me, I do this daily. Currently, it is 1:53 a.m. I am typing to you when I should be asleep. I spent the latter half of my evening working on homework and didn’t want to skip out on my blog post, so I am up WAY too late. Fortunately, I will be starting my work shift later than usual today, but I know I should be sleeping. Here are a few (and by a few I actually mean three) tips I’ve created (and I’m sure many listed are commonly referenced) to start your week and mornings off right.

One: Prepare for Greatness

– Make a decision in the days leading up to your dreaded big day, plan for the best. Make certain to create a to-do list for the week, prep your Google calendar, organize your meals and shopping list for the week and decide your three top priorities each day of the coming week. Creating three simple priorities will make your tasks for the week more manageable and less overwhelming. 

Two: Rise & Grind

– Going to bed early and waking up even earlier will set you up for success. I don’t want to be a hypocrite so I will be open in saying that I am really bad with this one. I do however know the difference in my emotions when I get the right amount of sleep, wake up early and make it to work on time. My rushed days I feel so overwhelmed and begin my day with a very negative attitude, constantly feeling like I’m falling behind and the clock is running out of time. I too am working to gain a better discipline of going to bed early and waking up early so I can knock out my daunting tasks and have the rest I deserve.

Three: Check It All

 – So congratulations~ You woke up this morning and opted out of hitting the snooze button three additional times (just two this morning), now you must CHECK IT ALL! Check your email, check social media – allow yourself enough time each morning to do this. Again, you want to set yourself up for success right? I am adding this one to my list in a 15-20 minute time window on my calendar moving forward. I realize that I often do this anyway in the morning but it normally slows me down. If I woke up just a tad earlier to check my emails, social media etc. I would already know what the day holds. Check your work email that you are already dreading, then you are waking yourself up already able to prepare and not guessing what the day holds – subjecting yourself to negative assumptions. I firmly believe that our anticipation can be the death of us, if we let it.

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Oxxo (Because Your Monday Is Whatever You Make It), LUV,Tay