Quick Recipe of the Week: Happy Eating


Happy Wednesday! Hump Day! Happy Whatever You Celebrate On A Wednesday, DAY! When I first began blogging, I promised many of you that I would provide some tasty eats and I am finally in a place where I can do just that. Here and there I plan to post photos of my dining choices, brought to you from my kitchen with photos and recipes. This past weekend, I was very busy and had a lot going on. I decided to create the easiest breakfast bagel ever. I often allow my eggs to expire so this time around I decided that I wouldn’t allow my eggs to go to waste. They are expiring March 6, so you may see a trend in upcoming recipes mentioning eggs 🙂

This week, I used my frozen bagels purchased BOGO a couple of weeks ago (I mentioned my BOGO discount tips during my last Financial Friday post here – check it out: CUTTING COSTS: WHAT CAN YOU AFFORD TO LIVE WITHOUT?), anywhoo I am finally using the bagels to make breakfast sandwiches! This is super easy, fits within my calories and legitimately takes under 12 minutes to create. I really hope you try it out and if you do (or already have your own breakfast bagel), please feel free to comment your recipes in the comment box below!! Happy Wednesday, and Happy Eating!♥

Breakfast Bagel:

The ingredients are in the photo above, but I also wanted to provide them below with a few easy instructions.


  • (1) Thomas Bagel Plain
  • (1) Egg, Large Whole
  • (1) slice, Kraft American Cheese
  • (1 tbspn.) Imperial Butter

Do This:

First things First: I prep everything. Scramble and season my egg (in a bowl), while I pre-heat my cooking pan with the 1 tbspn. of butter.

Then: I drop the scrambled egg into the pan. While doing this, be sure to have your bagel toasting in your toaster or toaster oven. Again, super explanatory. But remember to let the egg in the pan cook a bit and don’t do the regular scrambling gestures. Make the egg similar to the process of making an omelette. You want to create a “normal omelette,” folding the egg twice, so the it can fit onto the bagel (I don’t like a mess). 

Finally: You can generally tell when the egg is almost finished cooking. Once it’s come to a finish, place your bagel on a dish splitting your cheese in half, to place a half slice on each side of the bagel. You also can cook the cheese into your eggs. 

Again, this entire meal is super easy. Clocking in with the nutrient information below:

Calories: 440, Protein: 19g, Carbs: 55g, Fiber: 2g, Sugar: 7g

Bon Appetit.

Oxxo (Because You Deserve All The Yummy, “Counted” Food), LUV,Tay