Traveling Gems: 9 Bodies, 1 Ministry

“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures.” -Joseph Campbell

So, I’ll keep this post short. Well, at least I’ll try.

This weekend, I decided to visit my family in my hometown – Illinois and grace them with my presence. While this visit was to spend some familial time, I was blessed with an unexpected interaction with a complete stranger on my flight from Orlando. My Friday night flight was a disaster, I’d rushed from work. Here’s how the day sorta went:

  • Work: 8-4:30
  • Ran home to give my dog to a dear friend who decided she’d watch him for me (thanks Ash)!
  • Said dear friend dropped me off at the airport – arrived, 5:40 p.m.
  • –> Flight due to board at 7:00 p.m.

SIDE NOTE: This was the FIRST time I’d ever not checked a bag

  • Went into the bag check line – total wait: 15 minutes
  • Get to the counter, the woman is extremely rude, I legitimately walk away (if I didn’t, I would’ve missed my flight from arguing with her #angerissues)
  • Go to a kiosk, print a boarding pass (mind you, I’d already had an electronic boarding pass on my phone…what was I doing)?
  • To wrap up this crazy novela of a story, I went through security and got on the wrong shuttle…TWICE
  • Made it to board my plane: 7:02 p.m., right before they were going to call my group on.

Now I had to share this tidbit of information to give you the entire picture of what I endured that day. I was exhausted from work and ready to simply get on the plane for my weekend experience at home. I hadn’t been home since my Grandmother’s passing in February and obviously that wasn’t a great time to enjoy my normal “home experience.” I am still here as I write this, by the way, and it has been a wonderful visit. I head back tomorrow and I’m praying for something much more seamless during my return flight to Orlando.

Flash Forward.

I make it to my seat. I almost sit next to a couple, but they seemed mighty cozy and I didn’t want to ruin their airplane date night. 🙂 (PS: If ever you plan to fly with your S.O. Please try to make others feel comfortable, we don’t want to feel like we are intruding on your date when looking for seats on a flight…especially since Southwest is open seating) 

Back to the program.

I choose the seat behind the beloved couple. An aisle seat. In picking my seat, I don’t realize that I choose to sit next to a five month old baby. I hate to judge babies, but we all know,  babies and flights generally aren’t a good combo deal. I have to say this was the most precious baby I had experienced on a flight – he was gentle and sweet and stared at me most of the flight, I’ll miss your stares, Judah (that was his name). This cute creature immediately allowed great conversation between his mother and

Passion Drives Perfection

I. She and her family of nine total were traveling from Aruba to Chicago. I had so many questions for her and she too took interest in my life. I have provided her with my blog information – “N” if you’re reading this, your family had a huge impact on my life and the journey I’m planning.

Anyway, she shared with me she and her husband’s journey – along with the kids of course from Mexico to Aruba – they were missionaries for their Baptist ministry. It was her husband’s passion, ordained by God, to travel and bless people with God’s word. She mentioned that she and her husband had been on their mission the past ten years or so and had blessed (opened) nearly 33 ministries. I was beyond blessed, hearing her story. Traveling with your seven children, one is an infant…touching the lives of underprivileged neighborhoods by providing them with a place of worship. I was floored. She expressed that she and her family had to leave Aruba (last-minute, legitimately having just one day to plan) due to residency finalization, but it was wonderful to hear her story. Want to know what she plans to do next? Well, they will stay with her brother in suburbs south of Chicago for the next month or so (I believe) and from there, they plan to take their van from her brother’s home and travel, visiting several of the churches they’ve opened thus far, with the kids. “N” homeschools her 7 children (as you might expect) and plans to potentially have an eighth child. The children all speak English and Spanish fluently and are learning Papiamento – the language most commonly used near their home in Aruba.

While your journey ahead might not be that of missionary work, the family’s story blessed me as the mother and father have chosen to follow God’s plan for their lives. The experience I had while speaking with “N” was great as I could feel her joyful heart. The calmness of her voice was soothing and her children were too darn cute. I was completely moved in the stories she shared as I had felt so much anxiety, earlier in the day, simply trying to make a flight. I realized that she had bigger fish to fry but the difference was her sense of calamity…a sense of peace. In speaking with this woman, I quickly realized that when you are being driven by passion, you can’t be moved by chaos. I am ready to be moved by my life’s passion and I openly stretch my hands to receive all God has intended for my life. I hope you will too.

Oxxo (Because You Can Choose To Be Driven By Passion), LUV,Tay