#PrayforOrlando: Where Is The Love?

“Hatred paralyzes life, love releases it. Hatred confuses life, love harmonizes it. Hatred darkens life, love illuminates it.”-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Five years a Florida resident, peace surrounds me. ♥

Until yesterday.

I realize that many of you reading this are my dear Florida friends, many who are unfortunately directly affected by the heinous crimes of a hate driven individual who chose to take/damage the lives of 100+ individuals and their families. This simple post is to provide a few reminders and a whole lot of comfort. 

When I first came to Florida, I was immediately impressed with its melting pot aura. Overwhelmed with different dialects, individuals from different backgrounds and lifestyles…somehow, I still felt each and every person I met, was my family, connected to me in some way. The Orlando vibe of acceptance infiltrated my soul. I’d always grown up around people who encouraged me to love all individuals so I was excited to meet new faces from all walks of life. One thing about this area…the Walmart lines (regardless of where you go or what time you go) are going to be long. While waiting, however, you can meet some really awesome people with great life experiences. Remember that. That’s why we love Orlando. We live for accepting and learning one another. Please don’t let this act of hate change that for you or for our community. I have seen many posts online making more hate driven comments that this horrible act was much deserved – some of these comments were made by “so-called” Christians. I am a Christian. I am not for hate and I do not approve of these comments. Any Christian who truly loves the same Jesus I love, will not make comments of that sort, and I want you all to know that they are not a true representation of christianity. Jesus loves us all.
#prayfororlando.jpg I would also like to address the stigma surrounding individuals who practice Islamic faith. My best-friend is Muslim and she is enjoying Ramadan. She is not a terrorist, a racist nor a hate-filled radical. I know many might have opinions surrounding individuals who practice islamic faith but please know, any individual who is truly a practicing Muslim is not a killer. There is a difference between the Muslim’s you see at your local grocery store purchasing milk and a hate-indulged terrorist. Please do not allow judgement to infiltrate your heart. We cannot judge an entire race of people for one person/a group’s hate driven decisions. Choose love.

So while you grieve and as we as a community all decide to love one another, remember to stay vigilant. If you pray , stay prayerful. If you meditate, make sure you take time to center yourself. Focus positivity on yourself and those you love. Pray for protection and a covering of your loved ones. Keep watch of anything that might come across suspicious. Watch your surroundings and never waste a moment of keeping your eyes peeled. I never realized how important it was to be careful and aware of your surroundings. Channel your creativity. Right now, is unlike any other time. Now is the time for you to remain creative. Be creative in the way you address situations, be creative in the way you love one another and ultimately channel your emotions into a cause – a reason to live…make a difference in someone else’s life, even if it’s on a smaller scale. 

In the toughest of times, it is always easier to spread hate. We are angry, we are hurt. One thing I’ve found amongst the few idiotic comments I’ve come across is that love truly does surpass our challenges. Orlando has come together and stood up for all of mankind. Individuals there that night immediately took care of one another, that was a direct reflection of true human instinct. Please know that we must continue to take care of one another, love one another and check on each other. I love you all, and I know you will always choose love. Be safe.

Oxxo (Because Love Is The Truest Natural Instinct), LUV,Tay