The Cleanse and all The Rest.

I have been suffering with migraines for the past couple of years. I cope in a high stress environment where I often take on the emotions of others and have to turn poor perspectives into positive opportunities. It is quite challenging and exhausting. 

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While I have learned a lot about myself and I have managed to uncover problem solving techniques, it takes a toll on my emotions and my body. Today, (June 14, 2016…I am writing this for tomorrow) I woke up with one of the most splitting migraines I have ever had. This one, lasting nearly 8 hours, consumed my day. I called in. Missing work was the least of my concerns as I tried to nurture my body with water, fruit and tea, sleeping the day away. Eventually, I realized that I hadn’t had enough water the night prior while I consumed pretzel crisp after pretzel crisp, partnered with cheese. I had way too much sodium. For many, this wouldn’t be a challenge, for me, I realized and finally accepted that high blood pressure runs in my family. I knew my grandmother struggled with it when she was here with us and yet I still consumed way too much sodium for the day and not enough water. I was so disappointed in myself after I realized this around 2 p.m. The past few months I have made consuming water a priority. My boyfriend makes sure I remember how important it is to consume half of my body weight (in ounces) of water each day. We check in with one another on water consumption but it still feels like a huge, unbearable task. I’ve made it a priority to not only consume this amount of water in ounces each day but to also log it into my My Fitness Pal account under the ‘water tab.’ This has been helpful, but I finally realize that no matter how much water I drink, I will battle the challenge of blood pressure issues – therefore, it is essential that I watch my sodium intake daily. This post isn’t to depress you, but to remind you of a few things.

  1. Water is essential: Not only does water cleanse you of the impurities in your body, it helps regulate your appetite. According to,, water helps with performance, energy, brainpower, headaches, constipation and weight loss.
  2. Exercise is key: If you have a struggle or a family history with high blood pressure, exercise lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.
  3. You truly are what you consume: Indulging in too much salt? You might act salty…kidding. Poor diet is however, a wonderful road to poor attitude and a cloudy brain. I often find myself acting out and responding poorly to situations when I eat bad.

This is just a brief moment of reflection for this week’s Workout Wednesday post. I wish you all a healthy remainder of your week. Please remember that you are in control of the way your body feels and you can combat the things that happen to you, one day at a time.

Oxxo (Because Water Is Essential and So Are You), LUV,Tay