Mindset: Creating Victorious Days

Well Monday is here and after a lovely weekend spent with my family, I reflected on my week and its end.

In preparing for my family’s arrival I knew I had a lot to do beforehand; preparing my apartment, grocery shopping…a week of straight focus. We all know that focus is the ultimate factor between man accomplishing his goals and leading and living a mediocre life. Please don’t get me wrong, we are all human and we have moments of needing relaxation, but consistent focus is always the driving factor between accomplishing your dreams and remaining stagnant.

To Do ListSo here we are…another week, another Monday. This post shouldn’t take too much of your time, I just want to remind you all to set yourself up this week for victory. Create your list of priorities for the week and strive for greatness. Do not settle for anything less than accomplishing your to-do list. Here a few tips I plan to use to set myself up for a victorious week.

Victory is the only option.

1. Create Your List: I know it’s already Monday, so it might be hard to
 plan accordingly, but I highly recommend that you pull out a small sheet of paper, your phone notepad (anything to document) and create your list. It doesn’t need to be long, to be honest, I recommend creating a smaller list – 10 to 15 items that you’d like to complete for the week. Determine just a few that are easier tasks to complete (generally taking 5-10 minutes) and build from there. Keep in mind you don’t want to make it too stressful for you. Keep it realistic!

2. Structure & Plan: Determining the list items is the simple part, planning is another story. Once you’ve created your list – if it’s too long pick just a few (10 to 15 items) to focus on for this week – thereafter, assign 2 to 3 tasks for each day of the week. When structuring your tasks, be sure to provide a nice combination of (1) time sensitive item and (1) that can be done quickly. I usually keep my weekends free of strenuous tasks.

3. Follow Your List: No matter what, no matter who comes or goes make sure you’re following your list. I utilize Google Calendar to hold me accountable and enable notifications with each calendar event. For instance, you determine that your two goals on Tuesday are to apply for school and sort through a folder. I generally place my work schedule on my calendar for the window of time that I will spend in the office and I add two calendar events for the two tasks I must complete for that day. Many times I go above and beyond to add notifications 5 to 10 minutes before the task is due to start so I can stop whatever it is I’m doing and focus my attention on completing my goals.


Friends of mine who also plan their days, utilize Google Calendar as a visual and print the calendar – never setting notifications. This too, the “checklist” approach, is an option in creating your week of victory! Google Calendar keeps me accountable, highly recommended.

4. If You Fail At #3…Start Fresh: Sometimes our intentions are good but life makes it hard for us to plan and maintain those plans. More recently, I have found it difficult to follow my calendar events. I do however realize its importance as my calendar keeps my goals in line and encourages me to remember to take care of myself, take care of others and reach for my goals. Please remember, no one is perfect. This journey of setting up your week of victory will be a challenge as many things…just come up! When this happens and you are unable or unwilling to complete your tasks, don’t be too hard on yourself – regroup, re-plan and re-imagine those plans originally set. Sometimes by the end of the week I find that a few tasks aren’t complete and that’s okay. Remember that you can always start fresh again, but it is important to plan and review in order to succeed later.

5. Reflect: On Sunday’s, I often find myself reflecting on the week prior. Sunday’s are my days to determine if I was successful or particularly challenged in succeeding at one particular task or in one particular area of my life. Last week, I struggled with going to the gym…I didn’t go once. So in reflecting, I determined that I often add my workouts to my calendar, adding 4-5 workouts, knowing that I generally only attend the gym 3 times a week – at most. The daunting visual task on my calendar each week of working out 4-5 times, right now, generally stresses me out – causing me to not go at all. Therefore, this week I have added the gym to my personal calendar 3 days and I intend to carry out each workout (‘ll update you on that next week). Reflection is key in this process in order to determine the habits and trends of those habits – that are currently keeping you from ultimate success and fulfilling your potential. Remember that it is okay to learn. Sometimes in learning we must reflect on all we never accomplished to create the success we’ve never had. I also use reflection Sunday’s to plan my next week accordingly.

I hope you are encouraged and that this post finds you well. It is time to de-clutter our lives and refocus our minds. You owe it you YOURSELF.

Oxxo (Because You Are In Charge Of Taking Care Of You), LUV,Tay