Embracing the Present, It’s a Gift

The best way to pay for a lovely moment is to enjoy it. -Richard Bach

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As already mentioned, I am in New Orleans right now. I type this when I should be getting ready for day two of the convention at the Essence Music Festival. Yesterday was phenomenal, I got the chance to meet some truly great individuals; both parents and young adults interested in the Disney Dreamers Academy and my group’s experiences during their Magical weekend opportunity with the program. It was heartwarming to hear so many individuals aware of the opportunity! As the day progressed, I grew exhausted chatting with so many folks and standing in my brand new flats from Forever 21 – but I quickly reminded myself that I’d be on a flight, headed back to Orlando, Sunday afternoon and I need to seize this opportunity of informing our youth and their guardians about such a prestigious and life changing experience.

The organizer of our group of informative Disney Dreamer Alum has been fantastic in allowing us to see, do and be whatever we want! Her main request is our professionalism and dedication to informing the public eye about the Steve Harvey and Essence Magazine opportunity. It’s amazing her flexibility, and I am so happy that I’ve gotten the chance to work with her and the other alum. Yesterday, I had the wonderful opportunity of seeing my mom’s favorite pastor, Bishop T.D. Jakes, sending her a few videos and photos.



Bishop T.D. Jakes at a Q and A session on 7/1.

I also had the chance to stop by the NASA table for the boyfriend and grab some goodies! Today, I’m excited to visit a few other booths after my morning breakfast, before our team gets set up for the day! I am excited for what today will bring and I simply wanted to remind you all to be present! The now is a gift that you can never get back. It’s a gift that can haunt you if you spoil it worrying about tomorrow or the day after that. Seize your day and allow yourself to be receptive to the amazing things God has coming for you! If you remain open, you can meet some wonderful individuals who mutually share your same passions! I am so excited for what today will bring and you all will receive a “super blurb” of my experiences once I have some downtime; but for now… I’m enjoying the now!

Please feel free to give me some questions about my experience and Disney Dreamers Academy in the comments box! I look forward to your questions. 💕

Oxxo (Because The Present Is The Best Gift Life Can Ever Give You), LUV,Tay