When Does It Stop?

Before you even watch the video below please first watch the links below

Aftermath Of Man Shot By Minnesota Police During A Traffic Stop! (*Warning* Graphic)

Alton Sterling shooting: Second video of deadly encounter emerges

I went to work this morning, following a wonderful visit to Jacksonville. I’d briefly reviewed my Facebook timeline prior to starting my workday after being gone to NOLA and Jax for a few days…several sad statuses by dear friends of mine across the globe, but didn’t really think to find out why. While at my desk, I received a few notifications about yet another gunshot happening in Minnesota. I didn’t get the chance to read the story or review the video. I equated this story with the story previously posted about a gentleman named Alton Sterling in Louisiana – who was shot to death on the ground, getting the story confused. Well each of them, equally detrimental caused me to post the above Facebook video tonight. With a lot of tears and a very runny nose… I am tired of minority – specifically black lives…not mattering. Facebook actually took down the video I posted, each time I tried to post it – almost immediately. But that’s what my personal blog is for. That’s what Facebook live is for. We have various social media outlets, but we are all so afraid of seeming like a “crazy black activist.” 

Well it’s time to once and for all stand up. Stand up for equality. It was far from my intentions for me to post this tonight. I had something completely different drafted up for this evening’s post. Please know, I am not hate filled. I don’t think we should hate those in law enforcement. Must we watch them like we watch everyone else? Absolutely. Must we execute our rights? Absolutely. Must we stop talking and begin doing…of course! But this isn’t a movement that needs to be filled with hate against races unlike ours. The Civil Rights Movement showed true that great things can happen when we ALL come together.

If it happens to ONE of us, it happens to ALL of us! Remember that.

>>>Written in red for the blood that’s been shed.<<<

Oxxo (Because We Must Do Something, LUV,Tay)