No Fear Movement, A New Journey Forward

Forget what we became, what matters is what we’ve become, and our potentials to overcome.

-Aniekee Tochukwu Ezekiel

I won’t apologize anymore for my lack of presence in keeping up with my blog. Quite frankly, the apologies are annoying for you and for me. But I will say, the past couple of weeks have been insanely busy for me and I would like to learn consistency, even when life gets to be too busy. After a recurring desire to move somewhere new and begin a new life. It’s finally happened. For those of you who have consistently followed the growth of my blog you know that I am very transparent about my life and feelings on various topics. This post doesn’t serve any purpose other than to update you on my new journey.

About two months ago or so now, my boyfriend got a new opportunity for graduate school in the midwest. We had been discussing for a bit of time new opportunities and moving to a new place once one of us obtained a better opportunity than our current job(s) and schooling. Well, he got it, yay! I am so proud! We had to discuss a variety of topics and the next steps. After careful conversation and a bit of planning, we decided it would be a great idea to start fresh together. He and I had several conversations prior to our move about two weeks ago now. This time a few weeks ago, we were driving to our new home in hopes that our apartment would be ready, in hopes that I would have a few more job interviews and in hopes that our life would really come together for the better.

Just two weeks later, I have had two major job offerings, accepting one with the Freestore Foodbank here in Cincinnati – although we actually live in Kentucky now. Before actually relocating here, it was extremely nerve-wrecking, but I knew I wanted to come. I began conversations with my leadership team at Disney about my desire to relocate, had discussed and highlighted my concerns with my previous apartment situation – cleanliness, maintenance assistance AND MORE, and I was quite unhappy overall with my situation in Florida.

Well here we are, in Cincytucky enjoying our lives and things actually worked out for our benefit. My first interview was with a car company during our visit here to decide on apartments and check out the area. The interview went very well and I was offered the position. Although VERY excited, since I knew I would be moving just about a week and a half later, I couldn’t accept. I had received a call from the Freestore Foodbank and they wanted to do an interview with me…for the following week, when we made it back to the area, officially relocated! I was petrified, but glad I’d told the car company that I wanted to get back to them the following week as we weren’t completely set on where we’d live yet. The manager of that organization was VERY kind and sweet, so patient and understanding. The Sunday we were supposed to leave from Orlando and move our entire lives, I became very sick. The trip became delayed and we decided we’d leave on Monday. We left on Monday after several hectic days and arrived at a very dingy hotel room (that I booked, still kicking myself)…the Red Roof Inn. No offense, but it was drowned in the smell of smoke, the walls were extremely dirty and I couldn’t handle myself, Manny and Louie sleeping in that room. We weren’t getting off to the best start but Manny was quite understanding and we began calling around to other hotels in the area to see if they’d have availability for two adults and one chihuahua mix – the Doubletree saved the day and we were able to rest before my interview at the Freestore and Manny’s first day of orientation.

The interview went amazingly! I got the vibe that the Freestore would be the place for me. My home. I immediately made them aware that I would need to get back to the other opportunity the next day and apologized but let them know that if I couldn’t get a response, I would have to take the opportunity – since I’d recently relocated. The management was SO understanding and said that they’d do what they could to assist. I knew this was the place I wanted to call my work home. I was asked to come back the next day and moral of the story, I was offered the job! I was elated and have started my new career as the Distribution Coordinator of Volunteers at the Freestore Foodbank here in Cincinnati, it’s been humbling. I will share all about the Freestore’s efforts in the community in my next post, but this post is to inspire you all.

I seek to encourage you to do something crazy…move to a new place with no plans – having faith that everything will workout. Persevere. Dye your hair a funky color, in lieu of loving yourself regardless of the exterior…live today like it’s your last. Although most use this quote too much, I’d like to say that it’s a token you should constantly keep in your back pocket. We have such a short amount of time here and it is up to us to make this temporary life count, creating the life we desire and no longer settling for mediocrity. I’m not a pro at this, I expect to make a few mistakes along this journey. Today is day 1 of class and I haven’t done anything for school yet, but I know there’s a wonderful journey ahead, and I know that because I fully intend to create it.

Oxxo (Because You Can Create Whatever Journey You Wish), LUV,