Small Town Challenges…

My last follow-up blog post, I shared with you all my new journey and me and Manny’s “no fear movement” to Cincytucky. In that post, I almost made myself vomit with all of the overwhelming positivity I included. I’m sure I sounded braggy, inspirational and dramatic about my experience, but it was all very true. 

I wanted to share with you some transparent small town/moving challenges as a way for you to witness my journey and know some of the challenges that come along with uprooting your life and moving to a new place. 

Eyebrows: The challenge this past month has been finding a place to get my eyebrows done. As I type this, I have a 4:30 appointment today to get my eyebrows done, but it took about a weekend of me calling around to see who actually did eyebrows to get myself “scheduled” into a place about 15 minutes from my house. RIDICULOUS! I know, I know…first world problems, but I have been floored at how many nail salons in this town don’t do eyebrows! 😦 I haven’t had my eyebrows done in over a month and my attitude and my eyebrows are getting hairy. – Sometimes moving to a new place means losing your “street cred” with your local beauty salons and favorite places for hygiene upkeep. 

Chili’s Rewards: Prior to moving here, Manny and I had established a great relationship with the Chili’s location near my house and his house in Jacksonville, Fl. Right before leaving we went to dinner with his family, accumulating points on our Chili’s Rewards Account. Since moving, we have visited two separate Chili’s locations – one near our home in Kentucky, the other in Sharonville, OH and neither of them acknowledge or utilize the Chili’s rewards program…super bummer as it is our hot spot for date nights! Also, in Florida, we were always able to have an order of free chips and salsa (in case you didn’t know), when sitting in the bar area. Well here, they surely don’t do that and I’m pretty annoyed! – We still visit Chili’s though, not nearly as often however, without the rewards.


Weather: So I’m originally from a suburban town outside of the city of Chicago – Southside Represeeeent! Well, I used to be accustomed to the cold. Not anymore.

The weather here, while many Ohioans and Kentucans (totally making up those names), might say that the weather has been superb – high 70’s in the day mid 50’s at night, I am dramatically cold in the mornings and the evenings when walking Louie.
I am no longer used to the weather and I do not own a coat. I am pretty much already over it and it hasn’t even gotten cold yet. – I am still pretty excited for fall and I just told Manny this morning that even though it’ll be cold, I look forward to watching the leaves change colors. 

The “Nice”: So this one might sound silly, but people are so nice. You might be wondering why I am listing this as a challenge but sometimes I find myself completely confused with the niceness of some people here. In this day and age, people being so nice – actually asking how you are and waiting for a response can be overwhelming. Everyone here is very nice and helpful and it has taken some getting used to. I brag about how nice everyone is but it is starting to creep me out – at least just a little. I am used to being the overwhelmingly happy one, here…everyone is!

Last but DEFINITELY not least, The Cut in the HillThis is hyperlinked because I want you to check out the wikipedia article about the cut in the hill. This is a DAILY challenge that I must deal with traveling to work. Those of you at Disney know, I don’t do well in the morning, as far as timing. When I worked at Disney, I lived 5-7 minutes away on a good day and struggled (for whatever reason) with getting to work on time. To be honest, I really tried to make it but sometimes my job at Disney was so emotionally exhausting, I didn’t have the drive (no pun intended…well maybe a little) to make it. Now, I live about 30-50 minutes away from work. What normally would be a 20 minute drive to work is on a good day here about 35 minutes. The cut in the hill is often the culprit of my travel concerns. Because we live in Kentucky, it takes us longer when trying to cross the bridge due to this locations 12-20 minute delays in the morning. Going to work on Wednesdays and Thursdays later in the afternoon always provides a sense of relief as there usually isn’t much traffic but this has been the BIGGEST pain since moving. Disney friends, I have been making it to work on time, thank God my management is still very understanding and allows flexibility with our schedules!  – My solution to traffic delays? Leaving early and listening to a lot of motivational podcasts! 

Well this is just another check in with y’all. I plan to get back to my regularly scheduled program of posting motivational blog posts to encourage you physically, mentally, financially and emotionally – I simply wanted to give some brief updates about my journey! I hope you are all doing well and taking great care of yourselves! If you have experienced Cincinnati traffic in one way or another, definitely feel free to comment on this post with your experience/tips and tricks to making it to work on time! I’d love to hear from you!

Oxxo (Because There Is Always Two Sides To Every Journey), LUV,