3 Major Reasons Why I Believe Donald Trump Might ACTUALLY Win…

Any people anywhere, being inclined and having the power, have the right to rise up, and shake off the existing government, and form a new one that suits them better. This is a most valuable – a most sacred right – a right, which we hope and believe, is to liberate the world.”

– Abraham Lincoln


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 We’ve been talking a lot about my recent move lately, now it is time to get down to the nitty-gritty of what is going on in our country. We have black men dying all over the place – (with their hands up), perceived “decent cops” are being killed and harmed while those openly profiling remain on paid disciplinary leave and a political war zone, even young children are making fun of it all. In all the craziness, I must comment – I’ve stayed Facebook quiet for too long – essentially meaning, I’ve posted the occasional status but have not openly spoken about this year’s presidential election. 

Since it all began, I’ve had this heavy feeling on my heart, ‘Donald Trump might actually win. With this, comes extreme disappointment for a few reasons, many of which are the same reasons why I feel he might win.

Reason 1: We live in a country founded on slavery and bigotry, which still exists. 

One thing I’ve found in our journey of equality is that everyone feels racism doesn’t exist the way it did “many” years ago. My grandmother was born in 1955, she was 60 when she passed away this year. The Civil Rights Movement began with Rosa Parks on December 1, 1955, that was the movement fighting for equality of black people. On August 6, 1965, blacks finally received the right to vote. So let’s do some numbers here, 61 years ago – blacks began The Civil Rights Movement and 10 years later (51 years ago) we gained our right to vote. Society keeps talking like we’ve made so many strides and it has been so many years since this whole racism and segregation thing existed. My people are still fighting for the God-given right to walk the street without a target on our backs, due to the color of our skin. With all of the division happening – which Trump continues to encourage, who will stand? Will we stand? At what point do we acknowledge that there might just be a mission for us all to remain divided and when we realize the ulterior motives and the bigotry planted in our country’s foundation – that slavery actually happened and people are still racist, I think we might come a long way in our efforts to actually move forward. That being said, I have spoken to many Trump supporters in my personal life who have a common thread of belief regarding racism, we’ve come far, or they are outwardly racist. We must all realize we are living in modern-day, systemic slavery, once we do, we can address the root cause of our division. Many of us won’t and that’s why he might just make it into office.

Reason 2: America is all about entertainment and embracing those who are “honest.”

I have to say, we have become a bit crazy on this whole freedom of speech thing. Yes, we are all able to freely express our ideas and opinions, however, a president or any government elected official should remain tactful, free from prejudice in the public eye and the leader of the free world. Our president should be breaking barriers not building new ones. Unfortunately, we as a society have grown so accustomed to liking the person who seems honest because they are open about their prejudice, misfortune and poor decision-making. Just because you tell me you are a racist doesn’t mean I should top my hat off to you for being so open and honest, you are still racist. We are an entertainment country focused on elevating the concept of freedom of speech and so many that I’ve spoken to have said, “well at least he’s honest.” I even recently said the same thing about Donald Trump, obviously I will NOT be voting for him, but I have been impressed with his honesty. Up until my mom had to remind me of his countless back-handed attempts to negate or ignore specific questions he was asked about his poor decisions in his past – whether it was not paying taxes or sexually harassing women and calling it “locker room talk. ” But racists, bigots and those fighting for free, prejudice inflated speech still love him – and that’s a big chunk of our country. In my opinion. 

Reason 3: No one trusts Hillary and we are always concerned about our safety.

American society has always focused on two things; safety and trust. We have built homes, schools and businesses on these concepts. Unfortunately, if a presidential candidate makes a mistake in one of these areas they are instantly shunned. The reality, no information is really confidential. Everyone has been so hung up on Hillary’s email decision/mistake (who knows). The reality is that everything is truly public knowledge even that which the government claims to be “classified ” information that has a nice big email lock on it. Even a careful president can have hackers hack into the system and take classified and confidential information. With Hillary’s mishap in protecting our country’s core value of safety and security many might lean more toward the racist, claiming he’s less of a liar (because he’s open with his sexism and racism) as well as more secure with important data. Well do we really know how secure he will be as president? He hasn’t been elected into any public office, ever. But even with this information, people are putting their trust in him. Personally, I’d trust the person who has made the mistake, under future careful watch, over the person who has never even experienced representing the country and is a dictator-like threat to everyone, any day.


Please weigh in, tell me what you think? Do you think Trump’s got this in the bag? Also, who are you leaning toward voting for – this part is confidential…I’m just wondering what my audience is like. 🙂 Please feel free to drop comments and share this post if you enjoyed it!

I must remind you how important it will be to vote in this election.

Oxxo (Because Every Vote Really Does Count), LUV,