Another Family Passing

So this post will be very brief.

A few months ago – February 13, 2016 (the day before Valentine’s Day) my Grandmother passed away and I blogged about it – GRIEF: 82 DAYS AND COUNTING, WELCOME BACK?  – now just eight months and two days later (on Sweetest Day) one of the brother’s my Grandma was very close with has passed away in a very tragic way. Interestingly, it has been very difficult for me to consistently cry. I cried when my mom first told me about my uncle passing on and off throughout the day, Sunday, but it wasn’t lasting like when my Grandmother passed. I am assuming this is because we weren’t as close -however, I must also acknowledge that  I’d spent random weekends visiting him and his family in Grand Rapids, Michigan, he always made me laugh and never missed an opportunity of telling me how proud he was of me and how much he loved me. I think I am growing immune to death as I’ve lost so many people so close to me this year.


On Sweetest Day, my great uncle was struck by an SUV and killed on impact – based on the condition of his body, I personally have to assume the driver was speeding. We are waiting for the verdict on if the insurance of the driver who hit him will be paying for the funeral arrangements. My family now has an immense amount of financial responsibility – according to one of my great aunts, in getting his body from Grand Rapids to Chicago for the funeral arrangements. He was born and raised in Chicago, IL and we would like to lay him to rest.I have created a Go Fund Me account to assist in this journey ahead and would love your support – even if you cannot donate, please share the link.

As said in the beginning, this is a very brief post. I will have a follow up post regarding our journey soon – and the insane dream I had just days before his passing.

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YouTube news reference: Pedestrian struck, killed by SUV in Grand Rapids

Oxxo (Because Everyone Deserves To Be Laid To Rest Peacefully), LUV,