Storytelling & Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

About a month ago, I was presented an opportunity through work to attend a storytelling workshop by the Rebel Pilgrim agency here in Cincinnati.

img_2943Photo credit of Rebel PilgrimMy manager thought it would be a good idea to learn more about the world of successful storytelling as I currently share the Freestore Foodbank’s story on a daily basis with my volunteers as the Coordinator of Volunteers. I immediately said yes and was excited to hear if there would be space for me to participate. Welp, one of the women working in the development department for the FSFB reached out to Brad Wise with Rebel Pilgrim and I was in! The days leading up to the event, I didn’t know what to expect – when I arrived (a bit late due to crazy parking), I walked in to Brad sharing a very deep, funny and personal story about his heroic dog who others were eventually blessed to find special as well. He then led our group – with individuals from all walks of life, specifically companies and organizations, through the process of storytelling and what that should look like.

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The workshop was completely informative, starting with the basics for those unfamiliar with storytelling but still a nice pace for those of us who write often and ultimately healing for me. At the beginning of the process we were encouraged to think through various moments in our life (this part was euphoric, you would have to be there) and we were led through the process of crafting a draft of a story for a potential sharing opportunity at the end. The entire workshop was about three hours and the end came quick- you know the saying, time moves fast when you’re having fun. Brad stayed engaging throughout the process asking if we needed help or needed to better understand each step of the storytelling process and by the end, he asked if anyone wanted to share their story.

Walking in, part of me knew I would want to share a story if presented but when he actually asked I clammed up. He first asked for someone to share a lightweight feel good, happy kind of story. img_2944A gentleman volunteered and shared his story about being white and enjoying funky music, finding himself in the funk of Soul Train. Then it was time for a heavier story – I raised my hand. This was the moment where I chose to successfully step out of my comfort zone. Moving to a new place, it can be scary speaking up and stepping out – but I did it. I figured, I won’t be successful here if I don’t take chances. I shared the story I’d been drafting throughout the workshop of my grandmother passing earlier this year – I began with the way she’d called me just a few hours prior, the cruise we took last summer and my countless comedic memories of her enjoying music by 50 Cent. After I presented a woman shared her story of standing up to the class bullies in high school (this one took me back to 4th grade).

The ending? Well, it ended with a few tears and a whole lot of laughs. The point here is to encourage you not only to consider signing up for the Rebel Pilgrim Storytelling Workshop if you are here or visiting the Cincy area, but to also make a conscious decision to step outside of your comfort zone and successfully complete a big task on your list that might make you feel uncomfortable, might put you on the spot, one that might just make you question yourself. In questioning ourselves we learn a little more about the world around us. So go be inspired and of course, watch the YouTube video attached to this post, give me your thoughts and make sure you comment about your uncomfortable moment of taking a chance this week, I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

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Oxxo (Because You Find Yourself And The Success You Desire In Getting A Little Uncomfortable), LUV,