2017, You’re Here Already?

Happy New Year!

I recognize that I am 19 days past due on this wonderful exclamation of wishing those of you who follow my blog a Happy New Year.

It was a very busy 2016 for me and I can guarantee it will be an even busier 2017, but my ultimate goal this year is to fine tune my writing and my dedication to you, my audience.

Happy 2017!

Photo credit of: www.theauthorincubator.com

The only way I can look back on 2016 is by giving the year a blanketed statement of my emotion of “feeling proud” of myself for not falling into deep depression. So much happened during the year – it was a year of change, I’m just so proud that I survived the year. I think many of us can relate in reflecting on the realization that 2016 was downright hard. But we made it.

Maybe we didn’t “make” it with everyone in our lives that we thought would be with us during this stage of our journey. Maybe we expected to be further along in our career, weight-loss goals or relationships…maybe we lost a little bit of ourselves along the way, but we made it and that deserves a drink…just kidding, but really – we must acknowledge our growth in order to move on to the next phase of our journey, the restoration phase.

Many of you are already familiar with my sudden my losses last year, my Grandma, my dear friend Erin and then months later, my uncle. I am still wrapping my head around the “restoration” phase of my journey with regard to losing them all, but I must acknowledge one thing for those of you who may not have physically lost someone special to you, but felt you emotionally lost the most important person in your life – yourself. Every step, every failure, every disappointment…is a part of the journey.

As Manny frequently reminded me in 2016, we must “trust the process.” Restoration is all about trusting the process and mastering the foundation of faith that everything will eventually be okay, even if okay means that you will not revert to the old you – but restore the good qualities of who you were and rebuild an enhanced version of yourself. Restoration focuses on accepting the reality that you might not ever be the same from some of your life-altering experiences, and that is perfectly normal and okay. As you define what your restoration in 2017 will look like, I hope that you reflect on the positive blessings of 2016. For me, I moved to a whole new place, attained a fulfilling job, travelled to two brand new states (Louisiana and Tennessee) and I am truly living a snippet of my “today” dream.

In case you are wondering, my definition of a “today” dream is a dream you can appreciate in the now. It might not be your ultimate dream but it is a stepping stone in your big picture, long-lasting dream. I encourage you all to reflect on your today dreams, short-term dreams and long-term dreams. There is something so profound in reflecting on your dreams and watching them become realities during your restoration phase. Don’t be afraid to rebuild and replenish, you owe it to yourself this year.

Oxxo (Because Restoration Is Needed In Any Strong Journey), LUV,