If I Can’t Lose Weight…I’ll Eat It.

We are back from Florida.

I didn’t share this with you all, but I did finish the Walt Disney World Marathon. Remember my post about deferring the race? If not check it out here: Follow Up Posting: There Was That Cute Countdown Widget…What Happened?. Anyway, I ran the race and I will have a post about my experience pushing myself through that later this week. This post is about the me after the marathon. You may say it is backward writing progress to publish a post about who I am after the race, without giving you the post about the race, but this is more to inspire you during your brief moments of insecurity.

The conversation.

In Florida, I ate wonderfully! Manny’s parents made me so much food each day and I am blessed to have a few great friends who wanted to see me and have lunch (more food…) but honestly the time spent and food were great. Right before we left to visit Florida, I got very sick and had some sort of stomach bug so I ended up losing a few pounds, hitting my lowest weight ever – 163 pounds. Mentally, I was determined to maintain this weight through our vacation and the marathon until our return home, intending to lose more weight and eventually (finally) hitting my goal weight of 150. Well, we made it back home and I had gained weight. Ugh. 

I had a feeling when we were in Florida that I gained (I felt bloated) but I couldn’t tell how much and my clothes were still fitting wonde
rfully. Needless to say, I gained about 8-10 pounds while away and quite frankly, I can’t tell what is poop weight and what actually stuck. My disappointment with my weight led to my statement last week to Manny, “If I can’t lose weight, then I’ll eat it!”

Becoming frustrated with your journey is the number one deterrent to the unsuccessfulness of mastering your goals. I had determined that it would be too difficult for me to now lose the vacation weight gained and if I couldn’t lose it, I would eat the weight in pounds of food.

My mentality last week:

“I don’t want to count calories. I can’t workout (recovering from the marathon). I’m  done.”

The outcome.

I mean I have lost a pound since we returned home. Technically, one pound since we made it home is very little for me when I normally lose faster, but I haven’t been disciplined in counting. Am I happy with a pound? Not at all. But my body does feel better, I do have more energy, I have been counting my calories again and I have a better confidence that I will reach my goal weight by the end of May.

Here’s what has helped me:

1. Pinterest – I LOVE Pinterest. I have always used it but more recently I have used it to find quotes of inspiration, pertaining to accomplishing health goals. Also, I have used the website to find healthy breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack options – pinning them to my boards. To get the encouragement you need and feel motivated again to eat healthy check out my Pinterest, follow my boards and I will follow you back, this has really helped me these past few weeks. Click here to view my Pinterest and follow me.

2. My Fitness Pal – I did a review on MFP when I first began my blog and honestly, I still have to give MFP its props. The application is so user-friendly and really encourages a sense of community regarding weight loss. I’d stopped using the app before we left since I figured the holidays would make for a difficult season of counting calories and honestly, I had been falling off the MFP wagon for a bit before we left. Well, I recently started on and off counting and to be honest the new changes their team has made to the interface has taken counting to another level, which I am really appreciating. Sometimes using old resources encourages a fresh perspective. Why? Well, while you were off exploring and falling off the wagon, they were updating their systems. When you come back, you might just be blessed by the new changes.

3. Support and Environment – Now that my knees are recovering from the marathon, I am planning to sign up for a membership at LA Fitness and begin strength training as well as cardio, gradually. I must say, this experience of gaining and constantly feeling ravenous has been annoying. So I figured, it is officially time to get active. Lately, I have talked with my mom and Manny about my challenges and they have been so encouraging with shaping my mindset toward getting back on track. If you are going through something similar, consider talking with someone you trust about your frustrations. Also, it is important to change your environment in order to change your circumstances. The past few weeks I have been going to lunch with people from work and honestly, these lunch outings don’t contribute to me making healthy food choices that fit into my goals. Often, simple environmental changes make a world of difference in accomplishing your mission to get healthy. Your environment shapes your outcome, propelling or hindering your mastery.

Oxxo (Because We All Get A Little Discouraged Sometimes), LUV,