The Promises I CAN Make…

“When you stay focused and keep a commitment you create momentum, and momentum creates momentum.” -Rich Fettke

I am no longer focusing my attention on the promises I cannot keep or have not kept.

Every time I disappear from you all, I end up coming back and apologizing for my delays in posting. This post will be quite brief. I am sorry. Obviously, I have challenges with consistency — with the game of balancing life. 

I type this message as I sit here on my lunch break praying you’ll forgive me. Hopefully my fresh content to come will encourage you to have a more forgiving and understanding heart, ha! I L O V E my blog, it’s just… I struggle regularly to keep it alive. With full-time work, events, school and a social life it is a challenge to make the time to write and share my many stories with you.

Many of you, have been wonderful and regular supporters of my blog, so I need you to know…I appreciate YOU! For those that are new to my platform, welcome! I am 100% ready to promise you both some things…

My Promises

1. I will provide at the least one post each week for the rest of the 2017 year. They will be posted at the latest by Friday of each week. So no more disappearing acts!

2. I will keep things honest and transparent in my posts. We live in a society so focused on changing us, we being to filter ourselves and our raw uniqueness without the world even asking us to anymore. There will not be any censoring here, so be forewarned.

3. I’ll follow you back on all social media. If you want to stay connected in other ways, I do have Facebook, Twitter and Instagram – go ahead and follow me @TaylorM_Thomas. I regularly post on Instagram (about 3 times a day) and Facebook and Twitter every two days or so. If you need your “What is Taylor doing fix,” I can best be stalked using that previously mentioned social media handle above. Stay in touch!

I am excited to give you all fresh perspective and I hope to continue to motivate you. Like I said, I can guarantee 1 post a week (before or on Friday). My original goal this year was 365 posts for the year and I’m still standing by that, one post a week is just for accountability purposes. 

Happy Workout Wednesday, I hope you have already exercised your mind and will exercise your butt before today is over!

Oxxo (Because Promises Have Power), LUV, Tay