About Me: The Truth Behind These Eyes

So, This Is It.

I’m Presenting The Truth Behind My Eyes. To The Public. 


In Writing It Sounds So Interesting, But Truly…I Am Simple. I Do However, Lead A Life Of Excess. Once I Begin Something I Obsess. Get Ready To Grow The Gift 

Of Obsession. I Live A Life Of Wanting To Be Abundantly, Overwhelmingly Free Of Societal Normality, But Am Still Your Small Town, Suburban Girl Waiting For Life To Happen. Scratch That.

I Have Allowed Life To Happen. To Me. To Those Around Me, And Now It’s Time To Take Control. Welcome To My World Where Mondays Are Attributed To Mentally Building Oneself, Wednesdays Provide A Sweat You Can Feel Through The Writings Of My Workouts, Both In The Gym And On The Gravel (Running) , Fridays I Buckle Down And Provide You With An In Depth Look Into My Finances And A Few Fun Activities That Are Cost-Effective And Fun To Experience With Your Loved Ones And Sundays Are All About You Baby! Sunday, Is The Day We Focus On Self, Making It Selfie Sunday.

Enjoy The Show, I Always Wanted My Own Sitcom, Or At Least Found It Would Be Funny, Or Maybe…A Talk Show?

So Leggo.

Oxxo (Because I Steer Clear Of Normality), LUV,Tay


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