Traveling Gems: 9 Bodies, 1 Ministry

“Passion will move men beyond themselves, beyond their shortcomings, beyond their failures.” -Joseph Campbell So, I'll keep this post short. Well, at least I'll try. This weekend, I decided to visit my family in my hometown - Illinois and grace them with my presence. While this visit was to spend some familial time, I was blessed with [...]


Caught Up: Focusing On What Really Matters 

"It's Not What Happens To You But How You React To It That Matters." -Epictetus  One thing I've realized as I've grown up and through several conversations with various individuals is that all people feel. Even those who pretend and try hard not to focus on their feelings, feel. Life can become extremely tiresome and [...]

Why You Aren’t Allowed To Give Up: Lead A Dynamic Life

The Wake Up Call You Need (Photo Above Is The Fortune Found Inside My Fortune Cookie The Other Night) Before You Continue Reading, You Must Know That I Require Something In Return, After You Read This Post. If You Are Afraid Of That Expectation, Read No Further. I Want You To Know That You Are [...]

Welcome To The First Selfie Sunday: Let’s Redefine Ourselves

Get Your Selfie Sunday On... Self: Noun -- The Evaluation By Oneself Of One's Worth As An Individual In Distinction From One's Interpersonal Or Social Roles.   Thank You Once Again For Reading. I Would Be Nothing Without My Supporters. <--- Isn't That Statement Interesting, Considering We Are Talking, "All Things Self." I Have Determined, [...]