Saving Money: Movie Date Night, Total Win

Saving Money: Movie Date Night, Total Win


Cutting Costs: What Can YOU Afford To Live Without?

"It's Not The Money That Matters, It's How You Use It That Determines It's True Value." Happy Financial Friday! As we begin to close out the first month of our new year, I wanted to reach out and first apologize for the lack of Financial Friday posts as I often experience challenges finding the right material. In speaking with [...]

Poshmark: The Clothes That Keep On Clothing

This Financial Friday, Rid Yourself Of Old Clothing Items And Allow Them To Make YOU Money To Get Rich, You Have To Be Making Money While You're Asleep. -David Bailey Many Of You Choose To Live In An Oblivious Bubble. For The Longest Time, I Chose To Live In The Same Bubble. You Know, The [...]

Emotional Spending: Why You Must Hide The Plastic

Learn To Control Your (Emotion-Based) Spending  Retail Therapy: Noun - Shopping To Make Oneself Feel Happier Let Me Introduce You To My Dear Friend...Drunk Spending. I Know You've Seen This Friend Before, She Usually Comes Around When You Are Feeling Down. She Most Definitely Makes An Appearance When You Are Celebrating A Special Occasion And She Always [...]

Drowning: Swipe The Card Don’t Let The Card Swipe You

Welcome To Our Very First Financial Friday So, This Is The First Post On The Actual, Designated Day 🙂 I Just Returned From A Disney Cruise. I Must Say It Was A Fantastic Visit To Cozumel, Mexico, Coupled With A Wonderful (First Dive Into The Ocean), Beach Experience On Disney's Private Island, Castaway Cay. Many Dear Friends [...]