If I Can’t Lose Weight…I’ll Eat It.

We are back from Florida. I didn't share this with you all, but I did finish the Walt Disney World Marathon. Remember my post about deferring the race? If not check it out here: Follow Up Posting: There Was That Cute Countdown Widget…What Happened?. Anyway, I ran the race and I will have a post about my experience [...]


Series: My Considerable Challenges with Healthy Eating

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." -Julia Child On Sunday, I decided that I'd go ahead and hit the "restart" button on my health journey. For the past few weeks although conscious of what I've been feeding my face, I've still continued scarfing miniature Snickers, Twix [...]

Quick Fun Health Find: Weight Gurus Digital Scale

 “Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live.” -Jim Rohn So instead of my usual "motivational Workout Wednesday" post. I decided to provides a combination of motivation and product recommendation. In 2014, as many of you already know, I began m y journey of health & fitness and became obsessed with purchasing new [...]

My Fitness Pal: The Catalyst To Achieving Your Goals!

The Money In Your Bank Account Isn't The Only Thing You Should Be Counting... Many of you have heard of and maybe even tried MyFitnessPal. The more common complaints I've heard from friends who have tried the app but generally stop using it involve the ideas that the app takes "too much work," is "too hard [...]

Follow Up Posting: There Was That Cute Countdown Widget…What Happened?

 It's A Wonderful Thing When You Become Okay With Saying, "I'll Do It Next Time..." Many of you are wondering what happened to the countdown on the right side of the page. A few months ago I became very serious about preparing myself for my first full marathon. As soon as I began my training [...]