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Oh hello there, thank you for stopping by…what took you so long? 

I’m Taylor! I have been blogging for three years now and absolutely love it. You might notice that there aren’t many posts on my page right now. That is because I am reconstructing my blog. I want all of my platforms whether my blog or social media spaces to be more of a community versus me speaking “at” you all. 

For each post made, I encourage you to get INVOLVED, comment, like and share your own experiences. 

Right now, I am a student first…I graduate on Star Wars Day, May 4th. Following my anticipated graduation, I encourage you to keep your eyes peeled for more regular posts and conversation. In the meantime, please continue to comment and contact me to share your thoughts on future posts. 

Are you ready for your life to change? Explore the menu for more posts. 🙂

Coming soon: videos featuring me.