Series: My Considerable Challenges with Healthy Eating

"The only time to eat diet food is while you're waiting for the steak to cook." -Julia Child On Sunday, I decided that I'd go ahead and hit the "restart" button on my health journey. For the past few weeks although conscious of what I've been feeding my face, I've still continued scarfing miniature Snickers, Twix [...]


Meal Prep For Dummies: Why Dining At Home Can Save Your Life

Meal Prep For Beginners, And Boy Am I A Beginner Recently, I Made The Decision To Do Something Absolutely Insane. When I Say This Decision Was Crazy, I Truly Outdid Myself. The Decision Would Create A New Foundation For All Generations To Come.  I Meal Prepped. Of Course, I Had To Make This Something Extremely Dramatic. But [...]

OMG, I Ran Into Me: How To Survive Any Running Injury

Five Ways You Can Avoid Running Injury... So I Hurt Myself. Remember When I Told You That I'd Gotten Behind On My Health And Fitness Journey?? Well, I Tried. A Few Weeks Ago I'd Officially Decided To Train Dirty. I Found A 16-Week Training Plan For A Marathon On Pinterest, I Have Listed The Plan Below. My Original [...]

Kanye West Said It Best: Work It Out

It's Your Time, Maximize This Workout Wednesday Again, I Realize Today Is Tuesday, Since I Cheated You In Mental Monday, I'm Ahead With Workout Wednesday Let Me Make One Thing Clear, Before We Get Started, Workout Wednesday Is N O T About Me Providing You With A Get Thin Quick Remedy To The Body You Want. This Section Will [...]